Saturday, July 18, 2015

I am a Winner!

Whitney at Come Home for Comfort did a giveaway last week and I was the winner. Blog give aways are so fun and I have won a few! I got some pretty things from Gina at Hearthstone Cottage one time and I also won a lovely gift of books from Kelly at Talk of the House.

Whitney is a big Christy Jordan fan as am I! Christy is one of our NoAla celebrity cooks. She lives in the Huntsville area and I keep hoping I might meet her one day. She has been featured in Southern Living magazine as well as Southern Lady. One of her hobbies is collecting old Pyrex bowls, casserole dishes and the like. You can see a portion of her collection behind her in her photograph on the cookbook. I really enjoyed reading through this cookbook because it is not just recipes, Christy includes some sweet stories of growing up in the South near her big extended family and all the traditions they shared. Traditions that sadly are being left by the wayside in our busy world. She encourages families to eat supper together and that is why she named the cook book, Come Home for Supper. This cookbook shares lots of  family dinners that be made easily and also included are some of those old family favorites that might take longer to make but are worth the time!!

Then along with the cookbook, I got a sweet note from Whitney and a list of her favorite recipes from the cookbook.  Whitney is a newlywed and she really strives to make her home a comfortable one in every way. She is cute as a button too as you will see if you watch any of her vlogs on You Tube. I have noticed several bloggers are doing some blogs. I will spare you!lol...Just let me post pictures of myself that I have edited to look good!! I do enjoy the vlogs as now when I read Whitney's blog I can hear her voice in my ear!

So this give away inspired me to do one here at Nanaland. You will be seeing more about it next week. I am sorry but I can only offer it to blog readers in the continental USA due to mailing prices overseas!!  I am off today to look for a few more things to add to the gift before I share it here. Yall have a blessed weekend...Stay Cool!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win. I am not familiar with this cookbook but will have to look for it. Sounds wonderful. Try to stay cool while you are out and about today.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so happy for you! It's so much fun to win a giveaway and lots of fun to have one, too. I need to sew something and have one soon. Enjoy your weekend my friend. Happy cooking! Hugs, Diane

Terri D said...

Congratulations!! It is always fun to win!

Arlene said...

Thanks sweet friends! I already have a list of recipes to try!!

Mrs.T said...

Congratulations, Arlene! I have won quite a few nice items from giveaways ... probably the biggest was a $125 gift card to and I have also won a $100 Jo-Ann's gift card. Fun stuff!

I enjoy Whitney's blog so much and you are right ... she is adorable and the vlogs she's done (that I have looked at) are so much fun. The cookbook sounds fantastic.

I'll be looking forward to reading more details of your own giveaway. I keep thinking I need to do one on my Christmas blog as I have a lot of unneeded Christmas items in my stash. All in good time ... we will see!

Arlene said...

Mrs T, aren't bloggers the best friends? I have met so many wonderful ladies here in the years I have been blogging. And you DID win some great giveaways. Thanks for reminding me about your Christmas blog as I forger to go there and I ALWAYS enjoy it!! Have a blessed day!!

Arlene said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've not heard of that cookbook chef before. I wonder if she has any books at the library? I love cookbooks and eating (of course!)

Arlene said...

Gina, you might be able to find her cookbooks in the library but you can also access many of her recipes on her blog which can be found on my blog roll. She makes a Capuccino Cake which is one of the best cakes I have EVER had!! She also does some interesting vlogs as well. I am sure you are enjoying that pretty kitchen of yours!!

Southern Plate said...

I'm so glad you won Come Home To Supper and I do hope you are enjoying it. Whitney is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, along with her Mama, too!
Now I'm going to be hoping I run into you, too! I'm sure our paths will cross one of these days! Thank you for your kindness and I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for ya!