Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Love Stationery

Like many of you bloggers, I love paper products! And I still enjoy sending cards the old fashioned way through the mail!  And like many of you when wall mounted flat screen tvs became popular we were left with a tv armoire that we did not use. I told my husband that I wanted to keep the armoire and I wanted it in my bedroom to hold all my stationery.

It looks pretty from the outside but the inside had gotten to be quite the mess. I did not think to take a before picture! The bottom cabinet holds my cross stitch supplies and my genealogy notebooks. The lighting in this photo is not very good as I took this in the evening.  My bedroom walls are a pretty Wedgewood Blue by Benjamin Moore. I "stole" this color from my friend, Deborah. She has used this color in her home and I loved it. She gave me permission to use it in my bedroom.

Here is the after. Reading Come Home for Comfort and RefresHer encouraged me to check out the Dollar Tree for plastic boxes to corral all my cards and notepapers. Orange was the only color at my Dollar Tree that included all the bins I wanted so I went with that. The pink bucket is an old one. I forget to check out The Dollar Tree and I was surprised at all the things I found there for one dollar.

This bin contains small note cards that I can grab at a moments notice and get it off to a friend. I took the time to place each card with its own envelope. How often I have searched for the envelope that fit the card because they were all just thrown into a basket.

I also have pictures of my kids and grands inside the armoire. Here is Charles as an AWANA Cubbie back in the day.  He says I do not have as many pictures of him as I have of his older brother and sister! And he is right...we did not take as many pix of our third but at least his Cubbie Leader took the time to snap a picture.

And here is a bin that holds cards left over from various holidays. Now I know where they are and I can use them. No more purchasing cards I do not need!!lol...I have to say that I am probably going to keep on buying cards...just keeping it honest.

A small bin for card enclosures, labels etc. When my mother in law passed away I found a little stack of gift enclosures with Mrs Marvin Anton Grimm engraved on them. I brought them home to  use  since my Marvin is a junior.  One of my sweet friends, Amy, who has a paper problem as well, gave me several sets of cute gift enclosure cards and now I know exactly where they are located!

I do not know about you but I do like being organized and I feel very virtuous when everything is in order. And now I am going over to Martha Stewart's blog where she and her minions are organizing her craft room. I will never be as OCD as MARTHA but I enjoy seeing all her craft items in their glory!!


Anonymous said...

A great use for the tv entertainment center. I have spent the last couple of weeks organizing my desk area. I have a lot of note cards that I purchase at thrift stores (unopened) and it is nice to have everything where I can see what I have!

Linda said...

What a great idea!!! My Amber and Bejamin were Cubbies! That brought back sweet memories! Back then it never dawned on me that THOSE were such memory filled years! I treasure them. I need to organize my cards! I have one for my mother for Mother's Day that I have had for YEARS and can never find at that moment so I kept buying new ones. I also have a daughter's birthday card as well as one for my brother - again - YEARS old!!!
You are so clever!!!

Arlene said...

Mildred, doesn't it feel good to be able to put your hands on something at a moment's notice? Linda, those Cubbie years were precious weren't they? I am so glad I have this photograph. Thanks to Calvary Bible Church of Huntsville, Alabama for that ministry. I feel your pain Linda!! I have done the same thing!! Organizing my cards has made me realize I need to put some of them in the mail to folks who need a lift!!

Terri D said...

You really do have a creative mind and excellent taste!

Arlene said...

Thank you Terri!! I try! Now to use all those cards up!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, You inspired me to tackle my desk and organize my cards etc. this aft.!!!
I included a link to your post on my current blog post. Thanks!

Mari said...

Hi Arlene! I'm here from Mildreds place.
This is a great use for your armoire. I agree with you - I too feel very accomplished when things are clean and organized. You did good!

Arlene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Mari...I always enjoy meeting new blog friends. I am hoping I can keep the armoire organized for a little while!!:)

Shelia said...

I'm also popping over from Mildred's and see now how you've inspired her to organize her cards. I need to do this to as all my cards are just poked into a box! :)
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Arlene, So nice to meet you. I am visiting from Mildred's post and your inspiration with organizing.
Love your entertainment cabinet and how you have repurposed it for stationary and favorite pics. It looks gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and the inspiration.
I enjoyed my visit and now a new follower too.
Have a blessed week.

Arlene said...

Hi Shelia and Celestina!! What a joy to have visitors at my blog and of course I had to go and peep at your blogs!! Both are very inspiring!! I love meeting new blog friends!!

Anonymous said...

I love your stationary cupboard! It is so nice and organized. I hope to get mine in order one of these days. I am making some progress in unpacking.

Arlene said...

Be sure and let us see your stash Gina when you get yours put together.