Friday, July 17, 2015

Purse, Pocketbook or Handbag?

It seems like a lot of us are sharing our purses on blogs lately so I thought I would share my own. Some of you visited By Sun and Candlelight where Dawn shared my green purse. Well I have changed purses this week and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this fascinating topic. Well it is fascinating to me....I LOVE purses.  And I am rather nosy so I enjoy seeing what other people are carrying in their handbag. Whitney over at Come Home for Comfort did a vlog showing how she organizes her purse. I had to ask her where all the gum wrappers and receipts were! She shared that she did not show the old grocery lists and other little things that seem to cause disorganization in a pocketbook! My husband refuses to even TRY to find anything in my purse...he cannot relate to all my little treasures that must be carried with me at all times!!

Here is the purse I was carrying. I love Dooney and Bourke purses and I have about four of them that I rotate. I love this top handle zip zip. I have a hard time carrying shoulder bags due to back and shoulder issues so my Dooneys are all top handles. This purse is very lady like and I love the spring green color.

Here is the inside. I have to put everything in it north south style to get it to fit.

But this week I got out my favorite Vera Bradley purse....

This purse is a true cherry red but it looks tomato red in the photo...that does make a difference to me as I am very fair and I can only wear and carry cherry reds.

My car keys go in this back zipper worrying about where my car keys are.( And in most purses they manage to get to the bottom of the bag and I have to take everything out of my handbag to find them!

This Vera has lots of pockets and one nice zipper compartment. I keep mints, gum and kleenex on one side while my ink pens, hand sanitizers and lotion are neatly stored on the other side of the purse. I keep a little notebook and some ibuprofen in the zipper compartment. I still like to have a notebook with me even though my friend, Susan, reminds me I can add notes to my iphone!!

My Vera you see a trend here? As I am a dinosaur technologically, I still carry a check book and this wallet allows me to slip it inside.   I love this print for fall. In fact I loved it so much I found a purse on EBay in this print in the same style as my red purse!  So I will have a purse and matching wallet come September.

My blog friend, Whitney, suggested using little pouches to keep our purses organized. Well after lunch with the girls we went across the street to The Paper Chase where Vera Bradley is sold along with such pretty stationery, that we had to take a stroll around the store!  They had a great summer sale on some discontinued patterns so I picked up this little pouch for my compact and lipstick!

My sunglasses go in an old Vera eyeglass holder that Ben and Katy got me for Mother's Day one year. It really holds my glasses neatly and prevents them from being scratched as they would be if they were loose in my handbag.

So here is my purse...all loaded and ready to roll!

One last thing I love about this style of purse is the front turnlock pocket...perfect for my phone and I always know where it is!! My friend, Deborah, was looking at this Vera purse in Cobalt blue at Paper Chase and I know she is tempted to purchase it after I told her and Susan how much I love this style!! I still carry my Dooneys but mostly for church and special occasions.  

So there you have purse minus the gum wrappers, bank receipts, sales receipts and used Kleenex!! What is your favorite brand of handbag? Do you carry the same one all the time or do you change your bag out frequently? This inquiring mind has to know!!


Anonymous said...

I love your purses and little accessories. There's a Vera outlet within 5 min. of us that I enjoy browsing through. I do love colorful purses but these days, I just wear a light weight wallet that straps around my tummy under my shirt. We rarely go any where but the dr. and grocery, so I don't have to carry all the things I did when I worked. My mom always carried Juicy Fruit gum in her purse along with Kleenex (we always called ALL tissue "Kleenex!") The grandkids loved the gum and I can remember whenever I would ask for a tissue, it smelled like that gum.....sweet memories.

Arlene said...

We called all tissue Kleenex as well Mildred and all soda is COKE!!lol..growing up Southern! Juicy Fruit was always a favorite of mine as a child as well. Now days I chew Trident..usually a mint flavor.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My favorite brand of purse is Fossil! And I love Lucky Brand and have one of those too. I change my bag every time I go out just about! I carry a teeny tiny bag to shop but tuck it in a larger bag when we go out for a day trip, or even just out for the day. I love purses and bags and have a bunch. They are one of my addictions. I may wear the same pair of sandals all the time though! haha! Hugs!

Arlene said...

Oh Diane, I am in your corner on this have never interested me very much but i LOVE purses.

Terri D said...

I have way too many purses. Joe frequently calls them suitcases and he also refuses to "dive in" as he puts it. I change purses about every two weeks. I carry too much junk all the time. I don't have a favorite brand but won't buy a purse that doesn't have at least one outside pocket. Two or three are preferable. My purses are all too big. Did I mention that I carry too much junk? Yours looks very organized and neat.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, what a gorgeous red! I have to slap my hand when I'm reaching for purses at the department store. I usually just carry my brown leather knapsack purse that I bought in Santa Fe a few years ago. My purse is usually a mess. Receipts, old grocery lists, gum wrappers etc. I clean it out every month or so when I get so frustrated that I can't find something.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

I love both of your bags and how nice to have so much Vera Bradley accessories to go with your handbag. I love my black Michael Kors bag as it goes with everything. I used to change my bag a lot but now I change with each season. I clean out my bag every 2 weeks. I love handbags too and I have way too many! I love this post. Enjoy the weekend.

Sandy said...

I have been a purse addict since I was a little girl. WAY back then, I found a new purse to be more interesting than a doll. I have way too many. I was addicted to Vera Bradley purses for a very long time. Lately, I have been finding myself drifting to other purse. The one thing about a Vera is it keeps you organized. I used a Kate Landry leather bag over the winter and am currently using a Spartina 449 tote, but I will always love Veras.
I love seeing what others carry and how they organize their purse. I carry way too much!

Arlene said...

Sandy thanks for dropping by!! i had to visit your blog as well and it looks as though we enjoy many of the same things. I am a big cross stitcher!! And you love purses too!! Please come back next week and enter my giveaway!!

Arlene said...

Gina, I did not see your comment until now...sorry!! Yes, a true cherry red is one of my favorite colors.I guess it reminds me of red crayons and red jelly beans. I bet your Santa Fe Leather bag is beautiful. I LOVE Santa Fe!! And fashionable thing with your black Michael Kors!! New Yorkers are so stylish! I told a friend that I have so much black in my closet that you would think I was a witch!! But now that I have white hair, black is just one of the colors that I love to wear!!