Friday, July 10, 2015

The Spoon

When I saw this on Facebook the other day I had to chuckle and I also posted it on my wall along with the names of my three children, Ben, Amelia and Charles.

Back when we were raising our children, James Dobson was the fount of all knowledge in my opinion. If Dr Dobson recommended it, I did it!:) He suggested using a wooden spoon for punishment rather than using your hand to spank your child.  Most of my friends kept their wooden spoons on top of the Fridge just as I did.

I really did not use the spoon very often as I found that all three of my children were different when it came to disciplining them.  My oldest son, Ben, made me wear out Dr Dobson's book, The Strong Willed Child. Frankly, paddling did not work on Ben as he did not care if you spanked him...did not bother him one bit. With Ben, sending him to his room was a better punishment. It gave us both a chance to calm down! He, just like his mom, wanted to have the last word! We butted heads many a time.

Amelia was my easiest child. She rarely misbehaved and if she did a "talking to" was all that was needed. Youngest son, Charles had a tender heart so he was easily disciplined as well. Like his mother, he could not lie as his face was an open book!!

I must add that I am talking about when they were little children. After the age of ten, I did not use the spoon at all but devised other punishments that took away privileges.

When I was a child, parents in the part of North Georgia where I lived used "hickries"( hickory sticks). Usually it was  small limb from a bush in the yard. My mother kept hers on the mantle of the fireplace. I guess she had not read the magazines that  say mantles are for decorative pieces and not hickries!! And if your parents wanted to really punish you, they made you go to the yard and pick out a hickory. If it was not substantial enough, they would chose their own!! Oh my goodness, now days children would call DHR on their parents!

I know there are many different opinions on corporal punishment but I can honestly say that I do not believe it hurt me and it did teach me to think twice before misbehaving!!  So are there any other hickory or wooden spoon survivors out there???


Anonymous said...

That's a cute shirt! We did get lightly spanked occasionally, but usually a good talking to was all that was needed. When my older brother was a teen, he said something sassy to mother and she swatted at him with the broom she was holding. About that time, our preacher walked up to the door!!!!! lol

Arlene said...

LOL!! My husband says his mom had to use the broom to break up a fight between him and his brother one time. She was such a dainty woman and trying to picture her doing such a thing always made me smile. My sassy mouth often got me in trouble. I know that Ben came by it honestly!!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Oh Arlene, there were six of us and we got the belt or paddle! Boy would my mom and dad be in big trouble today! It is not easy today and we just had to scold my daughter when she was little! I enjoyed the post today! Thanks for your lovely visit and I had a great vacation. Kenny G looks the same and never ages! LOL! Enjoy your day and weekend.
Julie xo

Cranberry Morning said...

Yep, I'm a survivor, although the wooden spoon in my case was a lilac twig. Oh, those stung like crazy on my bare legs! But it did teach me not to sass, at least not until the next time. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

Arlene said...

Sounds like we all made it to adult hood unscathed!! Oh Judy...I remember that stinging as well!!

Terri D said...

Yardstick. I survived as did my three younger siblings. Too bad parents can be jailed for doing that today. Sure didn't scar me for life.

Arlene said...

Yes Terri, we were the true