Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Stream

It is one of those mornings when nothing particular comes to mind when I press New Post on my blog so we are jumping into Nana's stream of consciousness!! Hang on!

I was excited yesterday to be informed that I had won a give away on another blog!! I will do a post about it when my package arrives. One of the nice things about the blog world is that in addition to making new friends, many bloggers are so generous in doing give a ways. I have won several over the years but I have never done a give away. I will have to remedy that! Be looking for a give away in the next few weeks.

I had a surprise email from an old high school friend who let me know that she reads my blog at her home in North Carolina. It has been fun re connecting! She liked my Sunshine Box post and plans to do something similar for her granddaughter using the colors, Pink, Purple and Orange as those are little A's favorite colors. I told her she had to email me some pictures!! Maybe I will share them on the blog one day.

I have had a lot of comments on my Banana Bread recipe and I went back and updated it over the weekend.  So I did mention you must use plain flour...if you want the topping to look pretty. You really should use butter in this recipe. I thought I would try it with margarine when I baked it over the weekend but BUTTER is better. In some recipes, substituting margarine for butter is no big deal, but in this recipe the butter really makes a difference in the taste! I have an old pound cake recipe from Marvin's great aunt and it includes three sticks of to that she writes, NO SUBSTITUTIONS!! Sometimes you just have to go with butter.

Fit Bit update...I got my 15 pound badge the other day.( Now this is just a little badge on my Fit Bit app on my Iphone but hey...a badge is a badge!) I have lost 15 pounds since starting my FitBit journey. I hope to lose 20 more!!  I noticed the other day that one pair of my favorite shoes were loose! Of course, I would lose weight in my The FitBit has made me more conscious of eating and exercise.

Today is Friend Day with Deborah and Susan. With vacations and various activities we have not been able to get together for lunch every Thursday. Last week we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and sat there talking for two hours!! Friends are such a blessing! Today we are meeting for lunch near Hobby Lobby so I will be going there to get more "peg people". Kendall asked me to make some Equestria Girls for her as she loves My Little Pony while Landon asked for some Ninja Turtles!! The kiddos have really enjoyed using their imagination and playing with these peggies!!

I called my mother the other day and she told me that one of her friends is selling off her hand quilted quilts and wanted to know if I would like one for my Christmas gift this year. Well...YES! Mother says this sweet lady does beautiful work so I look forward to getting mine at Christmas. I told Mother to choose one she thought I would like. As a crafter, I know how much work goes into a quilt! I will treasure it.

Speaking of bittersweet it must be as you come to the end of your life and you relinquish things to others. I hope I can do the same as I do not want my children to be overwhelmed with my "stuff" once I am gone. For that very reason, I try not to make impulse purchases. I have been going through my closet this week, getting rid of things I do not wear and tossing some things that were ready for the rag bag!

Well my coffee is brewed and my last piece of Banana Bread is calling my name. Have a blessed day sweet friends.


Anonymous said...

Your blog stream is flowing very well! Love all the updates and am dying to try your banana bread! So excited to see your giveaway prize :-)

Arlene said...

Thank you Gina....I am going to be on the look out today for a Give a Way!!

Anonymous said...

How fun for your Mom to choose a hand made quilt for your Christmas gift. Congrats on your weight loss. You are an inspiration. Funny about your "slim" feet! I always lose weight in my skinny arms! lol
Have fun today.

Arlene said...

Oh Mildred, if only my fanny would lose a bit of wt!!lol...I will just have to keep trying to walk it off!!

Mrs.T said...

I love this type of a post. Thanks for sharing these interesting stream of consciousness glimpses!

Arlene said...

Some days a stream is all that comes to mind Mrs T. I think all this heat is affecting my brain.:)

Mrs.T said...

It's definitely affecting mine, Arlene! I just don't do well with heat and humidity and am still pretty tired from the family's visit. It was wonderful, though.