Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Around the House

I had another quiet day at home yesterday which was much needed! In fact this week looks to be one that I can get a lot of chores accomplished if I will just hop to it!  Yesterday, I took my camera and walked around the house, snapping some pictures of things I have done and will do this week.

Some happies are ready to go to friends....I love to come bearing gifts! Usually it is not much but we all like to get an unexpected gift. Marvin buys his coffee at Starbucks so I save these nice bags and recycle them. I found some pretty green and red plaid tissue paper that matches the green on the bags. The Marie Claire magazine is one that I signed up for with the kiddos school magazine drive. I glance at it to see the "trends" then pass it on to Amelia, who is much more stylish than her mom!!

A project that I need to finish up! Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics, shared the new system she came up with for storing her DMC thread. A Sandwich bag, an index card and a sharpie area all you need to keep those threads organized and ready to use. Previously my floss was stuffed in a container that used less space but was very hard to keep organized. I liked Sandy's idea and I know it will work better for me.  Those pretty blue shoe boxes will look nice in my craft room as well.

I am making progress on my Christmas sampler.  I am off today to pick up my Thanksgiving sampler at the framers.

MOPs starts this week and I have been looking over our books for this year. The theme is A Fierce Flourishing. I have the devotion on Friday so I was looking for ideas to go along with our theme. The little purple book you see in the photo is similar to one that all the moms will receive on Friday.  We are focusing on Gratitude and this year we hope to spend some time each week writing down things we are grateful for in our lives.  And the fan....I got that fan several years ago on a vacation to St Louis. It was very hot and McDonalds was giving out fans in the park. Being at the stage of life that includes hot flashes...this little fan is a life saver!!

I just finished this book by Bill and Jen, stars of The Little Couple on tv. It is a reality show that I enjoy very much.  Their book is a collaboration of what it was like growing up as a little person and how they met, married and became parents.  I admire them for all they have accomplished and the physical hurdles that they deal with on a daily basis.

I just started this book. I saw Mr Hill on a documentary about the Kennedy assassination and I found him very interesting. When I saw that he had written a book about his time as Jackie Kennedy's Secret Service Agent, I put it on my To Be Read List. Our Priceville library had it on the shelf last week to my surprise!

So that is what is happening at Nana's house this week. And I have to add, I just stepped outside to get the newspaper  and it is 62 degrees this morning. I may have to get a long sleeved shirt for my walk. Fall is on the way!


Sandy said...

I am so honored to see you trying my idea. I have really liked it. When I start a project, I just go get the colors I am going to need and put them in a box for easy retrieval. My threads stay organized while I am stitching on a project. So far- so good. Hope you like it.

It is always interesting to see what others are up too. You will have to let us know about the Kennedy book.

And you are killing me with your talk of cooler weather. It is sweltering down here. I always remember that the end of August is so hot when I think of school. Too hot for outside, and we have no where to get them outside, so you had to be creative with things to give the much needed break. I have all my fall stuff just sitting on my dining room table, but the heat has sucked the fun right out of me:)

Terri D said...

Your Christmas Sampler will be lovely when you finish! I don't have the patience for cross stitch, but admire very much those who do! You are a busy lady and have so many worthwhile projects going on!! Thanks for sharing!

Arlene said...

Sandy, I hope to get the last box done today!! It will be much easier to store and I will not throw away extra thread because I have to wind it up on those paper spools. Easy Peasy to put it in a baggie.

Terri, cross stitching is my therapy!! Keeps me from slapping some people silly!!lol...I hope I can stick to my to do list today and get some things done!!

Rian said...

Arlene, I too have lists of things that need to be done around here. I tell myself that if I just do a little each day, it's a step forward. My messy desk is on the agenda this week. It gets cleaned up, then before you know it, there's a pile-up again.
Don't have the patience for cross stitching, but do like reading, writing, sketching, pottery, and quilting. These keep me busy - as well as kids and grandkids (and of course the cats!). Have a great week and hopefully you'll get all your projects done.

Heather said...

Your Christmas Sampler is beautiful! Also, I love your idea to re-purpose Starbucks gift bags. I honestly just toss them out, but I may hang on to them now. I'll just have to snag some cute tissue paper, too. ;)

Arlene said...

Rian, if I do not have a list of things to accomplish every day, I tend to fritter away my time.( Usually on the computer!!) BTW, loved your little quilt! There are no mistakes just happy accidents as I have heard! Heather, thanks for the sweet words. I am hoping to complete the sampler and get it framed before Christmas. I am a cheapo when it comes to bags...I just cannot toss

Mari said...

Your sampler is so pretty. Seeing it makes me want to cross stitch again!
Those books look good too. I enjoy The Little couple.
It's about the same temp here. Brrr!

Arlene said...

Thanks Mari!! It is hard to decide whether to read or stitch!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's nice to hear about those cool temps. Hope they filter down here soon. Love your new cross stitch project! You've had a busy week! Sweet hugs, Diane

doodles n daydreams said...

Hello Arlene. You have been busy this past week with the grandchildren and all the other things you have done. I haven't done any cross stitch for many years and like Mari it makes me want to do some more - maybe next winter? The buds are just starting to show here and the weather has warmed up slightly (16C) today but the rain is just about to start.
Have a good day,