Thursday, August 20, 2015

Freshening Up

I am posting tonight as I have a breakfast date with my friend, Diane. We are headed to IHOP to try their double dipped French toast!

I have been checking out some fall decorating magazines and saw a photo of a large cotton basket on top of a china cabinet.  That made me think of using that idea here in my home. I have a pretty basket that my sister in law, Amy, made for me years ago. It was in the upstairs bathroom, holding magazines. So I emptied it out and brought it downstairs.

I think it looks good with my Cotton Basket Print. Amy made this basket in a class at Oatland Island in Savannah, Georgia.  It is older than 25 so it is an antique now!! And it is special to me because Amy made it for me.

I also brought down one of my fall cross stitch pieces...

I added it to my tea cart in the dining room.

I had to stop at Hobby Lobby for some cross stitch floss and I picked up these books for my Book Box. They were on sale this week for 40% off the regular price. Win Win... Landon and Margaret love Berenstian Bears. I think Margaret likes to pick them for bedtime stories as they take so long to read!!

Have a great Friday friends.


Mari said...

The basket looks perfect there! Everything looks very nice!

Sandy said...

The basket is very pretty. I love things that are homemade. Your cross stitch piece is perfect. You have really made me think about that I don't have to have them all out, but bring them out seasonally. Now, if I can just get myself busy to do more stitching.
The Berenstain Bear books brought back memories. I must have 50 of those downstairs. My son absolutely loved them. It was our nightly read.

Arlene said...

Mari..I enjoy moving things around occassionally! It spruces up the place without spending any money.Sandy, I have a room upstairs where I can store the ones I am not using. I have two Halloween ones that I will bring down in September. And Berenstain Bear Books always have a moral to the story. I like that!! I have noticed that the newer ones have questions on the inside back cover so you can discuss the book with your child. That should be interesting with my two that love the BEARS.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

The basket looks so nice and love those cute books you picked up!
You can have my lipstick! Lol!
I hope you enjoyed IHOP.

Terri D said...

I love the basket on your hutch. It looks great! The new books are great finds!

Arlene said...

Thanks Julie...I have it on my Amazon wish list for the next time I make an order!lol Terri, I love it there and I think it will stay for a while. I emailed that photo to my sis in law so she can see that I still love my basket made just for me.