Saturday, August 1, 2015

Maxi Dresses

My sister, Kristi, has been going through my Mother's old photos and she is posting some of them on Facebook. Here is the one she posted yesterday.

This is circa 1972...I am on the far left, my cousin, Charlotte, sister, Kristi and sister, Leta. It was made at our grandmother's house.  Maxi dresses were big back then just as they are today. I have to say that today's dresses are more stylish.

I smiled to myself  as I caught sight of my grandmother's  toy kitty above the drapes! I guess photobombs were around back then as well!! As my Grandmother got older she loved plush animals and she owned quite a few.

It reminded me of how fortunate I was to have two sets of grandparents that I got to see regularly. And cousins who were friends!


Sandy said...

I love the dresses. My mother made all of my clothing until I graduated from high school. Great picture.
And...yes, you are lucky to have had two sets of grandparents. I only had one set living when I was born. I adored them and lived close enough to walk to their house everyday.

Anonymous said...

I remember these dresses well from the 1970's. I had one set of grandparents growing up but was close enough to walk to their house. Lots of sweet memories.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy, I think those dresses were circa 1972. I guess my mother made it, or I might have as I sewed back then. However, I have NO memory of this One set of my grands lived about a mile or so away so we went to their house a lot. Mildred, I had to laugh at all that polyester! I think every dress I owned back then was made of that type of material. How the times change. And thank God for Grandparents. I hope my Grands will remember me as fondly as I remember my own grandparents.

Karen said...

I remember maxis and minis! But my grandmother sewed for me and thought skirts should hit just below the knee!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Karen, I used to sew a lot but have gotten out of the habit. My mother was not a Mini fan either!!

Mari said...

It's so fun to see those old photos. I remember maxi dresses being popular too - I was in junior high at the time. No mini's for me either!

Arlene @Nanaland said... I look at this year's back to school fashions, I am reminded a bit of the 70s. I guess there is nothing new under the sun!!

Linda said...

I have always loved long dresses and have worn them whether they were in style or not!
I was never close to my one set oof grandparents. I don't think my Granny liked me and I never liked her either! I cannot remember anything she ever did to make me feel special but I DO remember all the days I spent cleaning her house!
The quads have TWO sets and we are all crazy about them!!!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Both sets of my grandparents were great people and I have so many great memories. Now I will say that my Grandmother T was a character but we knew she loved us. Now my Grandmother H is who I strive to model myself after as a grandmother. When we went to her house, we did exactly what we wanted to do within reason. She let us give our dolls baths in the tub, she let us cut out material for "dresses" for our dolls, we made paper dolls and we always had pop corn and grape Koolaid for a snack. And we could watch the tv show, Dark Shadows there! Our mother did not allow us to watch it at