Friday, August 14, 2015

Round Two

Bear with Nana this morning as I share the second round of Back to School Pictures of my Hoova( Hoover) grands!

The day before school started, Margaret made a cake to celebrate going to school for the first time.

Katy made the decision to keep Margaret home rather than send her to preschool. Katy felt that she could teach her what she needed to know at home.  Katy is right in her opinion that we have these little ones for such a short period of time, enjoy them!!  Margaret goes to Sunday School at a large church so she has learned to socialize with her peers. I think Katy made the right decision.

Ready for school!  Katy reported to me that Margaret did not want to come home at the end of the day. Thanks Shades Mountain Elementary!!

Baylor was glad to go to school too! He goes to special needs preschool at Trace Crossing Elementary. I am hoping I have these names right! Baylor has a great teacher as well and one of the assistants from last year is in his room this year so we are thankful for that blessing. Routine and Structure are so important for little ones on the spectrum.

As to the two youngest grands...I did not forget them!

I loved this sign Katy made for Elliot!  He will enjoy some one on one time with Mama.

Meanwhile back in Georgia...

Miss Audrey is enjoying time on the play mat!! So excited to get to see this sweet baby over the weekend.

And speaking of Thursday...I saw something interesting on Facebook this morning. A friend of mine thanked the person who paid for her lunch at Chic Fil A yesterday! A random act of kindness. In response to her post, another lady posted that she knows someone who celebrates Thoughtful Thursday. Each Thursday this person practices random acts of kindness through out the day. I am going to try to remember that and do the same! This world could sure use more kindness!!


Sandy said...

The grandkids pictures from both days were adorable. The excitement of the first day is like nothing else. The oldest one's maxi dress was so cute.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Sandy! They all seem to be doing well and enjoying school which is what I prayed for!! God is so Good!!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Aww how adorable they look all ready for school. We are enjoying the last few weeks left of August before mine goes back in September! Boo hoo I don't want summer to end. Lol.
Well enjoy today and the weekend. xo

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Julie, it is hard to believe I have four grands in school this year!! Time slow down.

Mari said...

Really cute photos of the kids. I like the sign for being an only child - what a creative idea!