Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Stream

I am little late posting this morning as I slept in a bit then got out to get my walk in between rain showers. We have had a lot of rain this week but it has helped to make the temps more moderate so I am thankful for that.  We will jump in the stream this morning as I have no post planned!

1. Happy Birthday to my youngest son, Charles. He is 32 years old today. I was one week over due so the docs told me to come to the hospital to be induced on the 18th. When I called to confirm, I was told the labor and delivery rooms were crazy so just come tomorrow if you do not go into labor on your own. Well I was sad because August 18th is Patrick Swazey's birthday and I loved Patrick Swazey in North and South! But we had to go on the 19th, which is Bill Clinton's birthday. We won't go there!!lol Kendall wanted to do a gift box for Uncle Charles so we found found out that his favorite color was green and we were off to Dollar General to look for Green items.

My husband said that when Charles said that Green was his favorite color, he wanted some green money!! We did put some of that in there as well!

2. I started on my Christmas cross stitch...

I have done a good bit since I took this picture. I really like doing a cross stitch that has only five basic colors. Easy Peasy.

3. I am missing that sweet Audrey....I had to include this photo that was on my phone.

What a cute ballerina!!

4. Last night we were channel surfing and came upon our Public TV station. It is fundraising week but the special that aired last night was on John Denver.

He was my favorite entertainer! In fact, Marvin took me to see him in concert when we were dating. It was the best concert ever!! If he had lived, John would have been 70 this year. The program was very interesting, touching on his life as an Air Force Brat. In fact he once lived in Montgomery, Alabama.  I did not realize that he had sung with the Mitchell Trio before going solo. I texted all my children to let them know it was on! This was a prank as they HATED my John Denver tapes that I played in the car when they were little. They would hide them from me...once I found one in the freezer! Those scamps! So Marvin and I enjoyed listening to John again...brought back old memories!

5. I am gearing up for another year of MOPs. We start on the 28th. Our theme this year is Flourish. Our tables will be decorated with paper flowers. I will be at the Carnation table.  I also have the devotion for the first meeting so I am trying to come up with just the right one. We are focusing on Gratitude so I have lots of Bible verses to choose from!

6. I am enjoying my YLEO diffuser this week. Being stuck inside, I have used the Jade Lemon and Bergamot oils to make my house smell like a spa!!  The lemon is very refreshing as well. Tests have shown that when lemon oil is diffused in a classroom, students do better on their work! I can see that as it makes me more motivated when I diffuse it!

So that is what is on my mind this morning!! Hope you all have a blessed day!


Terri D said...

Love your photos and alwsys your creative ideas! I liked John Denver too. Such a tragedy losing him ad we did.

Terri D said...

Love your photos and alwsys your creative ideas! I liked John Denver too. Such a tragedy losing him ad we did.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I can see where green is a good thing to ask for! Smart guy.

My fifth grade teacher used to let us listen to her John Denver albums if we were very good, so I know all of his songs! I also caught part of the show on TV. Can't believe he'd be 70. What a tragedy to loose him so young.

No matter what your kids think!

Arlene said...

Terri, I still listen to him on Pandora! Fairhope Supply, your teacher had great taste!!

Mari said...

You made me laugh with your comment on Aug 19. I think Charles redeemed the date!
We saw that John Denver special on our PBS this summer. I really enjoyed it, and it brought me back in time.
Our church is starting a local MOPS and I'm going to be a mentor mom. Do you have any great advice?

Arlene said...

Good for you Mari!! I just try to encourage them in every way I can. I think they like having someone there who has survived raising children!!lol!! I can assure them that if their child only eats cheerios that is ok because I have a 35 year old daughter who only ate cheerios and is very healthy!!