Monday, September 28, 2015

Bon Secour

While in coastal Alabama, we took an afternoon to visit Bon Secour and to eat an early dinner at TinTop Restaurant there.

Bon Secour is a little fishing village not far from Gulf Shores. Bon Secour means Safe Harbor. I thought that was such a nice name for this little town. We always go to Billy's Seafood to get shrimp to bring home. Billy says if it swims, he sells it!  He can be found at Bon Secour as well as several other seafood shops. Last year while driving to Billy's we saw Tin Top Restaurant and decided it would be one of our stops this year.

It does not look too impressive but the food was delicious. It was Marvin's favorite meal of the week. I have to say that Cosmo's is still my favorite place to eat at the beach.

I love old buildings...not sure what this was as there was no sign. I would say a church or a school from the looks of it.

This Catholic church is still in use...mass every Sunday.

An old historic home...described as a coastal plantation home.

These big old trees are just gorgeous.

Who does not like a  gravel road with spanish moss hanging in the trees?

If you get to the Gulf, take time to visit Bon is like a step back in time.


Terri D said...

I love the history found in the south! Thanks for the wonderful photos and great reviews!

Arlene said...

Thanks Terri! I love Spanish Moss and we only see it farther south!! I had to take a picture of it in the trees!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, the spanish moss is beautiful! And I love all the old buildings and wraparound porch!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that blogging on wordpress was not as easy as I'd have liked. Some people couldn't comment etc so back to blogger.


Mari said...

That looks like a great place to visit. I love old buildings too, and the spanish moss is gorgeous!
PS - I'm doing a post about our MOPS that will go up later tonight. I figured you would be interested.

Tori Leslie said...

So pretty! We were in Gulf Shores not too long ago, what a neat place. Ohh and I bet the food was great, it usually is in those kind of places.

doodles n daydreams said...

Sounds like a nice peaceful place to visit. I love the look of the trees with the spanish moss. Enjoy your day,


Arlene said...

Ladies, sorry I am just now responding to your comments!! I need to get on the ball. Gina, I will check out your new blog site. Mari, I love to see what other MOPs groups are doing so I will look forward to it. We are doing a Candy Bar for our Oct 23rd meeting. One of the leaders saw it on Pinterest! We are putting all kinds of candies in pretty labeled glass containers and they get to get a cellophane bag and "shop" for Candy to take home. Tori, Gulf Shores is one of our favorite places!!Diana, do yall have any Spanish moss in New Zealand? I am always interested in different flora!!