Sunday, September 27, 2015


I do not usually post on Sundays but it is a quiet afternoon here at the Grimm house and I have been missing all my blog buddies so here goes!

On our way to the beach we stopped in Birmingham to see the Grimmlins.

We were happy to show off Grandpa's new car...a Toyota Highlander. Both our vehicles were getting old and it was time to trade in our 13 year old Ford Explorer. We have not had a car payment in years so we do not like that aspect but we will get it paid off as soon as possible.  We keep our cars so we are hoping this one keeps us going for many years. My Toyota Sienna is ten years old and still drives like new.  Can you tell I am a Toyota fan?

Here is Ben and Baylor. Baylor liked Nana's sun glasses! There were balloons on every table at Krispy Kreme and Baylor said, "They're Awesome!" We love to hear him state a thought...still praying he will become more proficient verbally. Thanks for all those prayers you are sending up on his behalf. I believe that one day he will be able to communicate with us. (there are several pirates in the background....they did not demand perfect costumes to get free donuts).

Miss Margaret..adorable as always!!

Elliott and can see one pirate in the background. There were SO many people dressed as pirates to get a free dozen donuts. No purchase was necessary!! I do not know how they kept up with demand!

We ate our donuts, visited outside and Nana handed out gifts as usual. The boys got Matchbox cars while Margaret got the new Cinderella dvd. Aunt Mimi and I took Margaret and Kendall to see Cinderella when it came out in March. I knew Margaret would love her own copy of the film.

Then it was on to the beach. Of course we had to stop at the Peach Park in Clanton to get boiled peanuts for Marvin and a jar of Apple Butter for me. They have great homemade ice cream there as well but we were good and avoided the ice cream line!!

We stopped for a late lunch in Bay Minette at the Shrimp Basket. Delicious as usual. We also tried out the new route to the beach via the Baldwin Beach Express. No more slowing down for every small town on Highway 59! We arrived at our condo right at check in time and spend the afternoon walking on the beach.  It just seems that time slows down at Gulf Shores. There is no hurry to rush here or there and we can do whatever we please. For Marvin it is beach time and for me I like Beach time in the morning then I headed inside to do some cross stitching while looking out at the beach from the condo. I think September is our favorite month of the year because of our annual beach getaway.


Sandy said...

It is good to get away from the regular routine. I think September is the best month for the beach.

Terri D said...

A week away is always good! Great photos. Nice that Krispy Kreme gava away donuts! The new car looks great! My Kia is 9 years old, but still going good. We keep ours as long as possible too. At least 10-12 years.

Mari said...

We keep our cars too.
I didn't know about pirate day. What fun!
Praying for Baylor.

Arlene said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies...i do love my blog buddies. I am getting back into the routine this morning!!