Friday, September 18, 2015

Q is for Quirky

The other day I had a new over the range microwave installed. I had to clear out a cabinet above the mircrowave that holds all my husbands meds etc.  When the installer had finished I left the whole kit and kaboodle there for my dear physicist husband to deal with when he got home from work. Why? Because he has his own standard for placing his pill bottles where he wants them! I would never try to duplicate his method.  But we all have quirks that make us special, don't we?

I have a few quirks myself. 

I hate those hand dryers in public restrooms. If I see there is only a hand dryer I will just step outside and scrub up with my Thieves hand sanitizer.  In fact I just dislike washing up at all in public areas. They are usually pretty messy and being a nurse, I know that handles of any kind are some of the dirtiest places you will find. Now you will say, but you are going to wash your hands after touching them...yes but I am just quirky that way!! 

You already know I listen to Christmas music all year and I guess that is super Quirky!

I detest cooked green veggies of any kind. They just make me gag. Recently I read the book, The Autistic Brain and it was very enlightening. The author proposes that we all have certain autistic traits. Sensory issues with food is definitely an autistic trait. All these years I just thought I was Quirky. And the author also states that Engineers have quite a few autistic traits but they are not autistic! 

I must have all the hangers in my closet hung in the same direction and all my clothes are categorized by color! Any no one had better touch them!!

I have quite a few little rituals...take for example my early morning ritual where I do things in a certain order. Believe me if something happens to mess up my routine, my whole day is a disaster.:) Maybe that is not so quirky but I am really trying to be more flexible. 

So how about you? Do you have quirks or are you one of those NORMAL people?


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Oh Arlene,
The one about restrooms and washing our hands. I too hate how dirty a womens bathroom can be. If I am in a place that looks messy I will altogether NOT wash my hands and use my own hand sanitizer.
I have a morning routine too that I like to stick too.
I have quirks but can't think of any at the moment. LOL.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Julie xo

Sandy said...

Well, I will definitely agree with you about the bathroom thing. I hate public restrooms.

My issues are:I am--- too detail oriented. The closets in my home are so organized and labeled (love labeling things), yet I can get overwhelmed with the big picture. You can't spend forever on the details or you will never get things accomplished.

I like for my clothes to be equally spaced apart and organized by category. Hubby is one of those that will rake a stack back if he had room to get one shirt and leave it like that. Oh my...kills me!

I have lots more quirks!

Arlene said...

Quirky Mc Quirks of the World Unite!lol Most of my friends have their own issues but I always find it interesting what people find challenging for them!!

Barbara said...

I have a lot of routines I follow. They just make me happy. So why not?

Terri D said...

I'm sure there are family and friends who would name a quirk or two, but I prefer to think I am "normal"!

Arlene said...

Barbara I am with you!! Terri I am glad I have one normal

Susan Graben said...

I hate it when "others" in the house do not put the faucet lever parallel to the spout but leave it turned to one side; the pill boxes on the table must be aligned straight and the refrigerator shelves are for specific items, not "willy nilly." I think we're all a bit autistic....