Thursday, October 8, 2015

All About Me!

Some bloggers are doing VLOGTOBER....including my friend, Whitney, at Come Home for Comfort. Be sure and check her out! I am not video material but I thought I might use some of the prompts that were suggested for the Vlogs. One prompt was to share a bit about yourself. I can do that.

My first name is Bonita. Mothers never call your child by their middle name. It is such a pain. I was a shy child and everyone mispronounced Bonita and let's face it, Arlene was not a popular name in the 60s when I was in elementary school. My mom wanted to name me Ellen but my dad did not cooperate.I would have loved the name Ellen.  And my initials were BAT. Now you know why I would like to be a name consultant for new moms.

I have lived in these places...Atlanta GA, Oak Ridge TN, Athens GA, Lousiville KY, Huntsville AL and Decatur AL. We have been in Decatur for 24 years now and we have lived in three different houses. My husband says our next move will be to the nursing home or the cemetery.

My favorite job was my time as a nurse at the Student Health Center at the University of Georgia. ( Please do not call it an infirmary!....the people who worked there would bite your head off!!).  It was a low stress job and while it did not pay as well as a hospital, it allowed me to work part time and Marvin kept Ben and Amelia so no day care!

Favorite past time...reading and cross stitching. I used to enjoy watching tv when I was younger but frankly there is not a lot to watch these days. However I must say I love Downton Abbey!! The new Masterpiece Theater series, Home Fires, is my new favorite British show. Why do the Brits do all the good shows?

Favorite food....Give me steak and potatoes any day!! I also love anything chocolate so dessert for me is easy.

Favorite color...RED. I have always been drawn to a pretty cherry red.

Favorite holiday...Christmas with Thanksgiving running a close second. Fall is my favorite season.

Dream Vacation...I would love to travel to England and visit Yorkshire where my Tankersley ancestors hail from! I would also like to travel to Scotland and Ireland....more family history there as well.

My favorite place in the USA...other than the South that is....would be Vermont. We visited Bennington Vermont ten years ago and I would love to go back to New England. Maine is on my bucket list. I would also like to visit Nantucket.

My favorite Bible Verse...I Samuel 12:24   Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.  

My favorite hymn....And Can It Be

Well I guess that shares some things about me that you might not have known. And be thankful that I did not do a vlog!!:)


Terri D said...

I've not heard about vloging, and it's just as well. Probably for the same reasons you have. I did learn some new things about you and appreciate (always) getting to know my blogging friends better! My dad wanted to name me Paula, but mom won out with Teresa. I am rarely called by my "real" name - everyone knows me as Terri. I would have liked Paula much better than Teresa. Happy Thursday!

Arlene said...

If we could only name ourselves Terri!! My mother did tell me that they thought of calling me Bonnie( shortened form of Bonita) I would have preferred that over Arlene!! I enjoy vlogs when cute people do

Mari said...

I really enjoyed this! My mom wanted to name me Melody, but my Dad won out with Maribeth. Everyone just calls me Mari (pronounced Mary) though.
I love British shoes, haven't seen Home Fires yet.
I'd like to visit England too.

Linda said...

I love this!! Thank you for sharing more about YOU! I haven't seen Home Fires but now I want to!

Arlene said...

Mari, I love the name Melody but I also love Mari Beth!! You were fortunate. Linda, be sure and check out Home Fires. It reminded me of Foyle's War which was one of our favorite British dramas.

Tif @ Bright on a Budget said...

Glad you jumped on the bandwagon with Whitney! I love all these little tidbits. Fall's also my favorite time of year, Nantucket/New England in general is on my list of places to visit (Chauncey made it to Maine last year), and I love reading! Your stories about being a name consultant and your next "home" made me crack up.


Whitney Pendell said...

I'm thrilled that you joined in on the Vlogtober fun! It was fun to learn some new things about you. I don't understand why people give their kids a first name they don't intend to use. You've lived some really fun places! I would love to visit England as well. My great grandmother was from Liverpool - I wear her wedding band and engagement ring as my wedding set and would love to see the area where she grew up!

Thanks again for joining Vlogtober!


Arlene said...

Tif, Maine is definitely a priority for me!! Whitney I love the story about your wedding rings. Genealogy is one of my passions.