Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Stream

I took a walk early this morning...fog was settled in our little valley. It is back in the 80s this week but that is ok, cold weather will be here soon enough. 80 is not a bad temp when the humidity is low like it is now.

My phone needed charging and my charger is broken! It was a good thing I found out before I went to the school to get the kiddos...I charged it in the car but the number one item on my to do list is to take care of that today! What do we do without all our technology? We are so reliant on it.

We are going to Chatsworth this weekend to start plans for our site work for the cabin. I have to pinch myself as it just does not seem real. I am sure when the bills roll in reality will raise its ugly head! My GBH friends were laughing at me over the weekend because I was buying things for the cabin. They reminded me that it is not even built yet but hey...when it is done, I am going to be ready. I purchased a set of Longaberger blue and white pottery dinnerware from my sister in law and I also found some cute dish towels. One says Cabin Sweet Cabin and the other says, The Mountains are Calling and I must Go.

I made a trip to The Cross Stitch Peddler yesterday and again I am reminded how fortunate we are here in Decatur to have such a quality shop. My sister needed some supplies and I did too. I have almost finished my Winter sampler and I have another project lined up. It is for the cabin...surprised?

One of my  friends posted pictures from the beach on Facebook yesterday. While they were sunbathing, they noticed several guys out in the ocean holding up something. It was a whale that had gotten in a tidal pool and was stuck. According to the paper this morning, it is a small species of whale that resembles a dolphin. The guys held the whale until the marine life people arrived to rescue it. Sadly, it had to be euthanized as it could not survive.  The story and pictures reminded me that there are still a lot of nice people around these days. We seldom hear about them!

Speaking of the beach, my daughter, Amelia, was married on Monday and they are honeymooning in the Bahamas. Since it was not the first marriage for either of them they decided to have a quiet ceremony at a local lawyer's office and focused on the honeymoon.  Marvin and I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Todays newspaper was printed on pink paper in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Decatur Daily does this each year but I am always startled when I see it in the driveway. I think something is wrong with my eyes! God Bless all the Ladies who are struggling with this awful disease. Many of you have read Kara Tippett's blog, Mundane Faithfulness. Kara died on March 22nd this year after a fierce battle with breast cancer. On Oct 1st, her final words to us are shared in the book, Just Show Up. It was written with her friend, Jill Buteyn and I must say it is one of the BEST books I have ever read about how to help a friend who is suffering.  I am about half way through the book and most of the pages are marked with my yellow highlighter. I encourage you to order it from Amazon. I will do a book review on it when I am finished reading Just Show Up.

And to leave you on a light hearted grands are all excited about Halloween.  They have their costumes chosen....Kendall will be Mal from the Disney movie, Descendants, Landon will be Sonic the Hedgehog, Margaret will be a Cow Girl, Elliott will be Tigger and the jury is still out on Baylor and Audrey's costumes. Speaking of that sweet Audrey...Nana will get to see her on Saturday. Charles and Nancy are coming up to my mother's house to visit while we are in town. I will have to fight Grandma Margie for some sugar from that sweet babydoll.

Hope you all have a beautiful day....


Rian said...

Our newspaper did a full section in pink this past Sunday for BC awareness too. And I'll have to read more about *the cabin*, but it sounds like a fun venture. Also I love the pic of the cotton fields in your last post. Reminds me of growing up in Louisiana.

Sandy said...

You ARE lucky to have a stitch shop in town. I have nothing:( It is just not the same ordering things as it is to see it up close. My best source for anything is JoAnn's, and I don't know about other JoAnn's, but ours is not too good.
I have a friend right now fighting breast cancer. I feel so bad for her; she is a fighter, and her husband is the one just cracking under the pressure of it. Hubby has been trying to calm him.
Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. I do hope she has found happiness. I have added to my prayer list for my son, that God is working on a young lady to be there for him one day.

Cranberry Morning said...

Congratulations to Amelia! Sounds like a wonderful place for a wedding. I hope it brings her much joy. 80 degrees? It was 33 degrees here this morning. SO close to freezing, and I still have some house plants outdoors. It wasn't supposed to get that cold!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Karen said...

Enjoy this beautiful autumn!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Rian, we are building a little house on some land my daddy left to is part of our family farm. Just about 1000 square feet...just a get a way for us. It is about three hours from our home here in Alabama. Sandy I wish you could see Marlene's is just so inspiring. Judy I will put some of our weather in a bottle and mail it to you!!:) Karen, it is just a beautiful day here in north Alabama.

Terri D said...

Congrats to the happy newlyweds! I would be excited about a new cabin, too! Can't wait to watch it go up through your blog! The kids have Halloween all figured out already. Good for them. Looking forward to seeing them in their costumes!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Arlene and her husband on their wedding. I hope they have a wonderful honeymoon!

I can hardly wait to see pictures of your cabin! (in the works!) I'm like you - I'd be shopping asap for everything and anything you might need!

Hooray for Halloween! Isaac is going as Spiderman.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Gina, you can be sure I will be thankful my brother in law is there to oversee things.

Mari said...

Congratulations to your daughter and best wishes to them.
The cottage is going to be wonderful and I think you're smart to start buying things for it early!
That book sounds like one I better get!

Tori Leslie said...

Your cabin sounds amazing!!! How neat to have your own getaway and such sweet gifts from those who love you.
Congrats to your daughter on her marriage. How special is that!
Pink newspaper is such a good idea. It's such a heartbreaking sickness and it's so widespread.
Anyhoo, enjoy those grands, I know you do.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mari, that book has shown me so much that I can do for people who need help. It is geared to those who are ill but it could really be many situations. I am going to suggest it to my MOPs Moms.

Tori, I am looking forward to a quiet place to just get away from the cares of this old world. I am going to have Elliott next week. Let's see how a 60 yo Nana copes with an almost two year old for four days!!

Angie said...

I love that your newspaper does Pink! That's just awesome
I can so tell how excited you are about the cabin. I don't blame you, I would be too!