Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend in NoGA

We had a nice visit with family over the weekend. Unfortunately the rain kept us from doing some of the things we had planned but we did get to see Miss Audrey!!

Me and my baby doll!!

My mother loves to see her great grands!! I am glad Charles and Nancy live near Mother.

And Grandpa got to hld her a little bit too!! We had to get enough 'sugar' to hold us until November!!

Cabin/Little House update...

I am finding that this is going to be a long process and we are going to have to be patient. No little house is going to spring up overnight!! We had hoped to meet with my cousin to go over the site work but it was so rainy and muddy that we had to reschedule. ( Weather really matters in building anything!!) Steve is going elk hunting out west for two weeks so it will be the end of October before he gets home. He is also finishing up another job so we are next in line.  We did meet with a contractor and he is going to take our house plans and our wants to mull over and give us a price to build. Marvin and I are already thinking we may have to compromise on some of the things we want. Maybe they can be added later. And the contractor is also busy...apparently people are building and remodeling a lot right now. So I have made up my mind that we will move at God's pace for this project as I believe things do happen for a reason and I am not going to be upset and stressed over something that is a blessing.

Today as I headed out for my walk, I had to go back inside for a sweatshirt. It is fall at least in the mornings. After all the rain over the weekend, the leaves seemed very bright this morning and many are starting to fall. The Dogwood Trees have beautiful red leaves! Isn't God good to bless us with seasons?


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Such sweet happy faces! I know you had a good visit and enjoyed this little blessing. Enjoy your week! We're back in Florida and the weather is glorious! Hugs!

Sandy said...

That baby is adorable. I can't wait for grandkids!
The cabin will come along when it is time. You are smart to just relax and leave it in God's hands. It is cool here in the morning, not necessarily sweatshirt, but cooler. I am loving the mornings. Actually, I am enjoying the weather a ton. Kind of hope it lingers like this for awhile.

Terri D said...

Audrey is so adorable. She looks like a very happy baby (and blessed!). Hang in there with the cabin. It will happen....but keep us posted!!

Mari said...

Audrey is just adorable! What great photos.
I'm looking forward to following you on the cabin journey, it'll all work out!

Arlene said... are so sweet and encouraging!! Glad you are my bloggie Friends.