Thursday, January 28, 2016


Grandpa and I surely did enjoy having Elliott stay with us a few days. Two year old little boys are some of my favorite people and this one in particular.  He is really starting to talk. Although I do not always understand him, he knows what he wants! And I have to say that he is such a polite little fella. Every time I give him a snack or a meal, he promptly says thank you in that gravelly little voice. I love him!!

Trains and cars are his favorite things to play with at Nana's house.

Coloring with big crayons is fun too.

Cousin love.

And here we are back in Birmingham...we did have to take Elliott home. His family misses him.  We met Mommy, Margaret and Baylor for an after school snack at Krispy Kreme.  And by the way I still have not made it to the Decatur KK. You would think people had never seen a donut store by the lines that are still forming. Maybe it will calm down next week so I can have a donut before Lent.

Now...for all of you who have wanted to see my leggings.....

Actually they are the Walmart Jeggings. And I realized that I did not have a full length mirror for a selfie!! This is in my room divider's mirror.  I purchased a size 12-14 and they fit well without being super tight.  In this picture they are tucked into my new pair of black boots.  

Don't laugh. I stood on a chair to take this one in the bathroom mirror.  I hoped I did not have to call 911 for a fall.  Sorry EMT's I was standing on a chair to take a picture of myself in leggings to post on my blog!   I am wearing a black shell with my long gray Matilda Jane sweater over the jeggins. Black boots complete the outfit.  I am 5' 71/2" tall if that helps you to see the proportion.  Hey girls, for $13 go to Walmart and get a pair to try out. They are very comfortable and with all the tunics, long shirts out there right now, you can find something you like.  I really am trying to change up my wardrobe a bit. I have lost some weight and I am going through my closet and tossing the large sizes and switching to medium.  I am one of the curvy pear shaped girls so I tend to wear a smaller top and a larger bottom.  I do not like tight clothes but I am realizing that baggy clothes are not very attractive and can actually make you look heavier. I am leaning to the tailored look these days.   So there you have it. Make your own decisions.

Well it is Friend favorite day of the week!! We are going to a restaurant down by the river today. And I have plans to visit two libraries so I am a happy camper.


Sandy said...

I am giggling at the standing in the chair, but so glad you did so we can see you in those cute jeans. My daughter would be singing your praises. I have hated tight clothing since I was a kid. I was one of those that thought a bra might send me over the edge. I do know that those slim fitting clothes, not tight but certainly not baggy make us look slimmer. I just have troubles with stuff that touches me! You look spectacular in your new britches.
Toss out those old clothes, because WE ARE NOT going to need them!

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I did think about falling but did it anyway!! I could grab the door frame.:) Like you I do not like tight clothing but I think when I wear loose clothing it tricks me into thinking I am skinny when I am not. A friend of mine told me that she started gaining weight when the linen clothing rage came to was looser and stretched out!! Makes sense! So I am trying to be a little more form fitting. Thanks for the compliment! I am doing my best to continue to trim up!!

Terri D said...

You look fabulous in your leggings and congrats on the weight loss. I'm not just saying do look fabulous!

The kids are so precious! It's good to hear you had such a great time with your 2-year old. I would be worn out, I think!

Linda said...

The things we do for our blogs!!! I appreciate the photo of you!!!
My mother once told me, "Linda, you wouldn't look so big if you wore clothes that FIT!" I am a little over 5 feet and do NOT like to wear ANYTHING tight!!!
Baggy is good. At least it FEELS good!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri, you are so sweet..thank you!! And yes I am still recovering from our visit! Linda, I think you look great in every outfit you have shared on your blog. Really what it comes down to is being comfortable in our own skin!! Beauty definitely starts on the inside!! I do get tickled at my MOPs girls...they have definite opinions on helping me to be

Mari said...

Time with grandkids is so fun! I enjoyed the photos.
You look so cute!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thank you is a fine line between stylish and looking as though you are hanging on to youth with everything you've got! lol I do not want to be one of those ladies. And you are right, being with those grands is time well spent.

Barbara said...

I think they look cute. I have not tried any on yet. I'd like one of those nice large dressing rooms with the three way mirror before I can decide.