Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Stream

Well we were up at 6:30 this morning! But Elliott is sleeping well and only one more night before we head back to Bham.  He is such a sweet boy. Anything I do for him, he has a big Thank You Mimi out right away. No, I am not Mimi, I am Nana, I tell him but he just laughs and calls me Mimi. Amelia has always been Aunt Mimi because the little ones could not say Amelia. So Amelia is still Aunt Mimi and I am just Mimi, for now anyway!!

I was thinking of my seasonal decorating the other day so I looked up some dates and realized that Lent begins on February 10th this year. I am thinking of giving up sweets for Lent this year. I gave up chocolate last year and managed to make it to Easter without cheating.  Our Krispy Kreme opened here last week and I am wondering how I can go for six weeks without stopping by there. The lines there are still long so I have not been by for a donut and coffee yet. Some people camped out in the frigid temps to get free donuts for a year! I just cannot understand leaving my warm house and cozy bed for two nights on the sidewalk. Yes, the first person in line was there on Sunday afternoon and the store did not open until Tuesday.

And as to seasonal decorating...I am trying to decide what to do about Easter. It is in March this year so is March 1st too early to put out the bunnies, eggs and flowers? I am still stitching away on my Easter piece. I hope to get it made into a decorative pillow for my living room.

My husband is the deacon in charge of communion at our church. As a deacon's wife, I help him with the prep and the clean up. After the service is over I go down each row of chairs( we do not have pews) to pick up the used communion cups and as I was doing it last week, I was very sad to see that our sanctuary looks more like a movie theater than God's house.  Papers were scattered, water bottles and coffee cups were left to be picked up by the maid I guess. I picked up the trash as I picked up the cups. We have a lovely lady who cleans our church and I am sure she could really tell some tales along these lines.  I want to have a servant's heart as much as the next person but I think our church needs some lessons in etiquette. Is this a problem everywhere or just at my church?

I know many of you pray for Baylor so I am asking you lift him up in the weeks ahead as Katy is trying a new speech therapy. It is called Geminni and it has been touted as being very successful with non verbal children. Baylor will be five at the end of March and it is so important to do as much as we can for him before age six.  Ruby continues her training. Several people sent me a little video on FB of a service dog demonstrating his skill at keeping his little person out of the street. It was so sweet.

It is hard to believe that the end of January is in sight. For some reason I find January to be a difficult month and I am always glad to see it go. Maybe it is because I am a bit down after the holidays and January in the south is cold and dark. Usually our daffodils are starting to bloom by the end of February and March brings nice spring temperatures.

I added a new blog to my blog roll if you want to check it out. Small Things is written by Ginny, a young farm wife and mom who is quite the knitter. She also dyes her own yarn...let's just say I would like to go and visit her home for a week.

Well I guess that clears my mind for today! Elliott and I have several errands to do before picking up Landon and Kendall at school this afternoon.  Have a blessed Tuesday!!


Heather said...

Wow. I wish we had spring temperatures in February! My birthday is in February and is always cold and snowy. There has never been anything that I wanted that badly that I would give up my warm home and bed to wait in a line for days. Krispie Kreme is wonderful, but I think I would rather wait until things calm down a little bit!

Diana Robertson said...

Maybe the congregation needs a gentle reminder to pick up after themselves.

Terri D said...

Our church can get dirty and messy after five Masses in a weekend, but especially the ones with smaller children. You see Cheerios smashed into the carpet, smears of sticky stuff in the pews. Hymn books and missaletes scribbled in. Used tissues on the floor. It really is sad. We have a group of volunteers who clean on Mondays. God bless them!!

Keeping Baylor in my prayers and thanks for the update. Keep us posted, please, on how the new therapy is working.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

You are so organized thinking about February and March. :) I know of the blog small things and I love it. She has a nice blog party each week too. Take care and enjoy the week.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, so funny how little ones choose names for us, isn't it! My grandson calls my husband Bah (for Bob) as he hears me call him his name. I'm just Nana and that's fine with me!

It always feels strange when Easter falls in March. It feels rushed. I probably will decorate for spring rather than Easter. Hey, it lasts longer! :-)

I will say a prayer for little Baylor. God bless him.

Perhaps the minister can mention that everyone should pick up anything left behind....

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for all your prayers for Baylor!! We appreciate it. And thanks for listening to my crazy

Jenny Bonds said...

Getting to this late as today is 2.20.16.
I agree with the previous poster, you are certainly organized to keep up with all you do. Sometimes I feel like all I do is go to work, eat supper, and go to bed...get up and do it again!
Looking forward to the time when we get to see each other again!