Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

An early Valentine Greeting to all my bloggy friends.  I have received quite a few cards already!

One had a special post mark...

My childhood friend, Linda, frequently mails her cards off for a special post mark. She is very organized to get them in the mail so early!!  Linda and I have been friends since we were children and we are a little bit kin, we share the same great great grandmother. You can try to figure that cousin relationship out!!

I sent some Valentines to my Grands who live out of town. I will get a treat for Kendall and Landon to give them when they come on Tuesday. This is their weekend to be with their dad and their Tara.  My friend, Susan, also gave me a bag full of treats at lunch on Thursday. I gave Susan and Deborah a pack of Valentine Cocktail napkins. Those come in handy and it is fun to have seasonal napkins.  I guess I will put away my Valentine bling on Monday and I will check out my Easter decorations. They may slowly appear...Easter is on March 27th so it is not too early to begin sprucing up the house for spring.

Here is my Valentine for my readers...

See you Monday!


Cranberry Morning said...

What fun Valentines! And I love the one for your readers.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Mrs.T said...

So fun and festive, Arlene! The special postmark is so unique! And the Valentine for your readers is the best of all. Thanks for sharing!

Terri D said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!