Friday, February 19, 2016

My Favorite Magazine

My favorite magazine was full of eye candy this month. And as it states on the cover, Let's Celebrate Spring. I have been fighting a cold all week so this magazine really lifted my spirits. Southern Living used to be my favorite magazine but in latter years it is just not what it used to be!  Southern Lady is published by Hoffman Media, the company that now publishes Victoria magazine, another favorite of mine.

I spotted the Bachelor Button pattern by Louisville Stoneware right away. I have several pieces in this pattern and it always makes me think of our years in Louavul.( that is how the locals say it!)

If there is one thing Southern Ladies like, it is dinnerware.

And here is my everyday china, Desert Rose by Franciscan. It is a pattern you will see often in the South. Marvin's cousin has this pattern and I had always admired it. So for our 10th wedding anniversary Marvin purchased an  8 piece place setting for me.  I still love it today.  I have some napkins similar to the ones pictured and I may have to look for that pretty ribbon to use for Easter.

A travel ad for Corinth, Mississippi. Corinth is about half way between Decatur and Memphis. Marvin and I like to stop at Borum's Drug Store on the square for a hamburger and an old fashioned milk shake. There is a gift store there where I found my pretty pear platter. At the moment I cannot think of the name. But Corinth is a neat little town, take time to visit the square if you are in the area.

And a story about Byrd's Cookie Company.   If you are ever in Savannah you HAVE to visit Byrds. It is not downtown but it is worth the short drive to their store. My husband loves the Scotch Oatmeal Cookies while I like the savory Cannonballs. When I first visited Savannah, they were called Confederate Cannonballs. These little round crackers have a spicy taste and are great with an ice cold Coca Cola. Byrd's believes in Try before you Buy, so there are LOTs of samples. Needless to say, our children enjoyed visiting Byrds when they were young.  Byrd's Key Lime Coolers and Benne Wafers are cookies they are known for as well.

The final page is always a beautiful encouragement. Really these could be framed as artwork in my opinion.

So if you are looking for a new magazine to enjoy, try Southern Lady. You won't be disappointed.

And a short update on Baylor as many of you commented on his precious picture. Katy texted me last night that in the last two weeks, Baylor has made a lot of progress with speech. We hope it is the new Geminni computer class he is using!  She also told me that many people at church have stopped them to tell them they saw the article about Baylor in the Hoover Sun. More prayers going up for our boy! I assured Katy that many people who read my blog are praying for him as well.  One prayer concern for Baylor is schooling for next year. He is not ready for Kindergarten and the Big Wigs in the Hoover School System have to agree with this or he will not be allowed to attend the Special Needs Preschool that he presently attends. This would mean Katy and Ben would have to find a private school that would take him and that is doubtful with all his needs. Please pray that he can remain at Trace Crossing next year. Hopefully that extra year will allow him to mature and progress to be ready for Kindergarten the following year.  Thanks to each of you who pray for Baylor...our family cannot express our thanks for your caring hearts!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, I hope you have had a nice week. I will have to check out that magazine the next time I'm in Barnes & Noble book store. I will pray for Baylor and his school. Take care and have a nice weekend.
Julie xo

Sandy said...

Hopefully one day public schools will catch up to the changing needs of our kids. Autism is certainly a big thing these days. I pray he will get to stay just where he is and that he will continue to progress.
Southern Lady is my new favorite magazine as well. So much so that I want to keep them all. The pictures are gorgeous. I grew up on Southern Living and couldn't wait for the new edition to arrive. I am not sure at what point it changed for me. I don't know if it is the magazine or I have gotten too old for it. I think it it the magazine, because at one point in time both Mama and myself loved it. Don't think my daughter even looks at it much.

Tori Leslie said...

Praying for Baylor. Love that magazine, never heard of that but I'm gonna look into it. Have a great weekend.

Arlene Grimm said...

Ladies, thank you for your prayers!! They mean so much!! Julie, i think you will enjoy it and it always lifts my spirits. Sandy, I totally agree about Schools and Southern Living!! I used to count on Southern Living for lots of scrummy recipes and now I seldom cut one out of the magazine. It is so full of ads as well...but thank goodness we have Southern Lady to replace it. Tori, we are so thankful for all the prayer warriors lifting up this young man!! God is good.

Terri D said...

I don't care for Southern Living anymore, either. Will have to take a look at this Southern Lady mag!! Thanks for telling us about it. Baylor is in my daily prayers and I will be sure to add schooling to be more specific (even though our merciful God knows what is needed!). Thanks for the Baylor update, and I hope to hear more about his speaking progress!

Rian said...

I also agree that I used to like Southern Living, but don't buy it anymore. And Victoria is one of my favorites. Years ago I used to keep all the issues of Victoria and enjoyed looking at them - even years later. The trouble today is that most magazines are almost all ads. So I no longer subscribe, but occasionally will pick one up. Taste of Home almost never disappoints.

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri, I still subscribe to Southern Living, I guess I keep thinking it will Thanks for your prayers for Baylor. I hope I can share big improvements soon. Rian, I subscribe when I get a good I also enjoy Victoria. Our library has a book room where people bring their old magazines and I often find good buys there. 10 cents per magazine is a good deal!!

Jazzmin said...

Sounds like we have very similar taste in magazines :) I love Victoria and Southern Lady, too. So much graceful, lovely, elegance and fun seasonal inspiration with a dash of Southern charm sprinkled through the pages :)

I loved going through the new Southern Lady with you and getting an extra peek into the places and pages in it. It is funny because I just came back from the grocery store and got to peruse through it while waiting to check out which was a delight, but I didn't get to read as much as I'd have liked.

Beautiful post!

Blessings to you, and many prayers for Baylor! ♥♥

Have a wonderful day,

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for dropping by and sharing the love for Southern Lady and for our precious Baylor!, Jazzmin!! Glad I could let you look at the eye candy for a bit. Frankly, as I get older, I find that I am choosier about the magazines and books that I read. I did think it was funny that two of my favorite china patterns were featured in Southern Lady this month. I must have good taste!!

Jenny Bonds said...

I believe that the public schools are mandated to provide what the child needs in their arena; or pay for the school that the child needs to attend if they cannot. Look into this under the Disabilities Act.

Also love Southern Living, though I have never subscribed (there would be more things stacked up in my house)....LOL.
I do collect their old hardback recipes of the year books. These are nice references and look good on my recipe book shelf, anyway!

Prayers for Baylor and their road ahead. He is lucky to have so many advocates fighting for him. There are so many more things to help kids with autism these days, not so much when Jeffrey was little.

Good to read you online!