Friday, February 12, 2016

My MOPs Group

I am late posting today because I had an early breakfast with my friend, Diane, and then headed to my MOPs meeting.

When I became a mentor about six years ago, I had no idea how this ministry would bless my life. After all as a Mentor wasn't I supposed to be the one dispensing the blessings?

When I first started as a MOPs mentor, Amber G was the coordinator and we had a group of very enthusiastic ladies on the steering committee.  I became very close to Christina, who was the head of the crafts department. She and I hit it off immediately bonding over our love of 31 bags and crafts of all kinds.  When Amber announced that she was "aging out" of MOPs because her children were no longer preschoolers, I could not imagine how our group would go on without her leadership. Shortly after Amber's announcement, Christina told us that she was moving to Texas.  I just could not imagine how our group would grow and thrive without these ladies.

Then Ashley took over as coordinator and Tiffany came on as craft person.  And I realized that this MOPs group belongs to God and He provides the right ladies when the time comes.  Now these ladies are aging out and my sweet friend, Stephanie S has agreed to be the coordinator and lovely Loralei will assist her.  I am not one bit worried about our group for next year as I know God will lead and direct. I plan to stay on board one more year as the group transitions once again.

These young moms are my heroes. For example at today's meeting...

Lauren came in wearing a pretty hat and the lovely bloom of pregnancy.  She has recently joined the group and she sits at my table.

Laura is our sunshine...she always has a smile and she is a Stamp it Up business lady who amazes me with all her ideas for cards and crafts. When we had a game that demanded you pull the oddest thing out of your purse, Minion Glasses were whipped out!

Jenn who I have known since she was a little girl is another lady at my table. She is a super smart mom...blogger and my mentor in the YLEO part of my life.  She was sharing how she transformed a tissue box into a Valentine Box for school today! And she gave the side eye to the mom who arrived with a box that looked like a ship and it included firing am so glad I did not parent in the Pinterest Days. I put a lot of pressure on myself even without the internet.

Marisa has just moved to Decatur and she finds ready made friends in our MOPs group.

Angela shared that she loved my story about my daughter, Amelia, only eating Cheerios and she is now a healthy 35 year old mom.  She has a daughter who is just as picky and she was glad to know it was not the end of the world.

And finally there is April. Another newcomer to the area, she brings a lot of wisdom to our Carnations table.  Today she showed us a Cash Wallet that she had made herself. It allows her to follow the Dave Ramsey financial principals.  She shared that she had looked for one on ETsy and they were priced from $60 to $80. So she sat down and made one for herself and it was so cute that several of the other moms were asking about getting one from her!!

These girls make me laugh and they make me cry. They tell me that I look cute, even when I do not. They ask me questions that make me feel that they value my wisdom. All these things are just what a 60 year old Wife, Mom and Nana needs to keep her on her toes!  As I have said before, if you have an opportunity to serve your local MOPs group, take a chance on it.  It is one of the best things I have ever done!!


Debby said...

That is so great you do this. They can learn a lot from us olds but goody girls. I probably would have had the minion glasses. Actually mine are Minnie Mouse.

Mari said...

As you know I am new to this MOPS business, but I sure am enjoying it. I love my girls! This week I'm invited to a playdate with them and their kids. I think I'll take Alaina along.

Arlene Grimm said...

Debby, I would love to see those glasses!! Mari, it sure is a fun group to be a member of isn't it?