Monday, February 15, 2016

The Stream

It is Monday and my mind is a bit sluggish this morning so I am going to jump into the stream! Swim along with me.

I received two more Valentines. One from my blog friend, Terri and one from my sweetheart, Marvin. Marvin got me some new FitBit covers. I wanted some options besides black. I am off sweets for Lent so I asked for something pretty but not fattening! We did go out to dinner on Friday evening...Cracker Barrel! We are old.

Well after some bone chilling days here in NoAla, spring like temps are arriving this week. In the 70s by the end of the week. All I can say is Yippee!!

I was saddened to hear of the death of Antonin Scalia, the last Reagan appointee to the Supreme Court. He was a friend to conservatives and he saw the Constitution in black and white.  He will be missed. Please pray for a wise judge to take his seat on SCOTUS. ( Supreme Court of the United States...believe me when I say I puzzled over SCOTUS and POTUS when I began seeing it everywhere). Living in Huntsville, Alabama  area I am surrounded by acronyms so I should have gotten these two.

My Good Reads Friend, Jeanette, had a great time in the South. I have kept up with her journey via Facebook. She shared that she was surprised that little girls in the South still wear dresses to church. That's right and they usually have a big matching bow on their head!  She was also surprised to see so many churches in the South. We aren't called the Bible Belt for nothing. I pray that we will stand firm in the days ahead.

I watched Downton Abbey last night and am I the only one who feels Henry and Mary just are NOT made for each other. I  do not see the chemistry at all. But it looks like Edith has found the man for her. I hope she will tell him the truth about Marigold.  And oh the trick that Mrs Patmore and Elsie played on Mr Carson!! While I have never been a fan of Barrow, I feel sorry for him. Maybe he can take Mr Mosley's place. It would be a come down but he would still have a home at Downton.

Well I am off to have breakfast with my friend, Maggie, at Panera. Then to the Mall to walk as it is raining here today.  I plan to come home and put away my Valentine Decor. A few spring things might just make an appearance as well.

Have a blessed day Friends.


Mrs.T said...

The Stream is always fun, Arlene! I think going out to supper at Cracker Barrel sounds like the perfect date night (but I am sure you already knew that)! My mother-in-law's 90th birthday was Saturday so her children/spouses/friends took her out for lunch at a local bistro. That counted as a Valentine meal for Mr. T and myself!

Arlene Grimm said...

Mrs T, we had a lovely dinner. I had the fried cod and Marvin had meatloaf. I just love CB. Right now the store is a little blah because they are in between seasons. I am sure they will have it decorated for spring soon. Happy Birthday to your MIL...90, what a milestone!!

Terri D said...

I like Cracker Barrel but Joe, not so much. I can get him there for breakfast sometimes, if we are on the road. Our Cracker Barrel is 9-10 miles away from us and in a place that isn't convenient for us, so we just never even think about going there. I love the gift shop (maybe that's why he says he doesn't like it...I can't shop! LOL).

I agree with you on Downton. I hope they wrap it all up nice and tidy for us - make us all happy with the endings. I love that Carson got his comeuppance!!

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri we are fortunate to have one of the Cracker Barrels that is not on the expressway! I am afraid Mary is going to marry Henry and I just do not see that at all. I am going to really miss Downton.

Mari said...

I just got done watching my DVD of Downton and enjoyed it. I loved the Carson story this week. I hope Edith tells the truth about Marigold too.

Cranberry Morning said...

The news of Justice Scalia's death was a shock, that's for sure! It would be hard to find someone to replace him - someone who knew the Constitution and was loyal to it and to the country. It is also sad that a good man can die and the press and political pundits are all over him like vultures.

On a cheerier note, Glad to hear your weather is warming up. :-)

I hope Mary finds someone strong enough to tame her.

Tori Leslie said...

I'm always a little show moving on Mondays. Yeah for non-fattening V-Day gifts!! My husband always gets me Pandora or at least for the last year so no added weight with those.
It's starting to warm up a bit here too, not to the 70s but it's on it's way. Enjoy!
Hope you enjoyed your walk, I'm sure you enjoyed Panera. :0)

Arlene Grimm said...

Mari, I am going to be so sad when Downton is over. I hope Julian Fellowes will get the new series going soon. I have heard it is set in the 1890s and will be called The Golden Age. Judy, It is SUCH a loss...we are losing many wise men and it seems no one is able to replace them. Tori, I love my new FitBit covers. I am wearing a cheery bubble gum pink one this morning. Walking at the mall is not much fun as they bake cookies I resisted however and got in my 9000 steps yesterday.

Jenny Bonds said...

Being the huge Downton fan that I might be surprised to hear that I almost abandoned it when they killed off the first hubby of Mary....took them so long to get it right and boom he was gone ~ of course the actor wanted off the series. Funny, haven't seen him in much since then, but he's British so that may be why.

I feel that they are rushing to end the series and tie up the loose ends quickly. Feeling like you are part of it kind of makes you take it personally!
I ordered the DVD's so I'm not going to be a spoiler. Let's just say those days are gone for all but the higher gentry in England...would like to visit Highclere one day though! Might be a nice anniversary trip.