Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Stream

Come go wading with me in the Stream.

1. Scrub Daddies...have you heard of this cleaning product? I have seen it advertised as the miracle scrubber. It needs no chemicals. Lasts for months and does not get musty.  I had some rebate money at Bed Bath and Beyond so I thought I would go by the store and purchase some.  Well as usual it is one of those Yes/No products.  It certainly does not do as great on my glass cook top as it does on the infomercials.  It took some of the gunk off but it was not just zippity do dah and you have a new cooktop. I have had better results using a razor blade. ( I saw this trick on HGTV).  But it does so a good job scrubbing my stainless steal sink and my fiberglass shower.  They scrub but do not scratch. Will I buy them again? The jury is still out on this one!

2. Salt Lamps....I also used some rebate money to purchase two salt lamps. Several of my friends have them in their homes and are pleased with this product.  I am not a scientist but a chemical engineer friend says the science behind salt lamps is correct.  Basically it cleans the air and cuts down on dust in your home. They also produce a soft glow that I like, especially on these dark and dreary days. I do think I can tell a change in the air quality and I know for sure that I do not have dusty furniture and I have not dusted in a week now.  Impressive. These are relatively inexpensive($20) and for those of us who have sensitive respiratory tracts, this is a good purchase. Would I buy it again? I am thinking of buying one for every room!

3.I just finished reading two good books. My Name is Lucy Barton and The Space Between Us. You can look them up on Good Reads or Amazon. My Name is Lucy Barton is the story of a woman who grew up in severe poverty to have a good life but her past is always beside her.  She appears to be about my age so I could understand the era the book recalls.  The Space Between Us is by Thritty Umigar.  She is a US citizen but grew up in Bombay, India. Her writing is very good and I always come away from her novels, thinking about the characters and the plot for days afterward. The Space Between Us is a story of a Parsi middle class housewife and her Hindu servant. I never realized that Bombay is home to the Parsi culture. These people fled from Iran long ago and they are a distinct people group even today.  If you liked Kathryn Stockett's The Help, you will find Ms Umigar's book interesting to compare and contrast.

4. I have to admit that I am putting out some spring decor in my home this week. I am just doing a little each day. By March 1st everything should be in place.  It is 16 days into Lent now and I have to tell you temptation is REAL!! I am so yearning for something sweet!! But I have not given in. What was I thinking giving up sweets in the season of Easter Candy and Girl Scout Cookies????

5. I was surfing Facebook yesterday and one of my favorite authors, M C Beaton, was doing a live chat.  I asked a question and she answered it!! She was doing the chat on the release of her latest Hamish Macbeth mystery, The Death of a Nurse. I ( along with a few others) wanted to know what she thought of the Hamish Macbeth series that BBC made back in the 1990s. She did not like it and that does not surprise me. Robert Carlyle plays Hamish and while he is an excellent actor he is not six feet tall and he does not have flaming red hair.  As Ms Beaton put it, I wrote a red headed six foot tall Highlander and I got a 5'8" Glaswegian.   I look forward to reading her newest mystery. She also writes the Agatha Raisin mysteries and apparently Agatha will be coming to tv soon.

It is friend day and we are off to Big Bob Gibson's for lunch. If you are an avid Food TV viewer you may have seen our famous Decatur restaurant on that channel. The Gibson family has also been featured on the Today Show.  If you are ever in North Alabama, they have good BBQ and home made pies that are delish, worth the stop for lunch or dinner.

Have a good day Friends.


White Lace and Promises said...

My daughter in law sells Norwex. It is a microfiber cloth that is awseome. They have different eco-friendly products that are used without chemicals. I personally love the window cloth. It is awesome. Just spray water on windows and wipe and you have a clear window. I use it with my glasses although they do have a cloth for glasses.

Terri D said...

Now I am hungry for some good BBQ!! I am always happy to hear about good books! Thanks for the reviews. I haven't put out anything springy yet. Maybe this weekend. I've never heard of salt lamps, but will be investigating as soon as I post this comment!

Arlene Grimm said...

Bonnie, I have hear of Norwex but I have not tried their products. That window cleaning cloth sounds amazing. I am trying to use less chemicals in my home. Terri, if you come to Decatur I will treat you to lunch at Big Bob's. Today I had the beef brisket and it was delish!! I am convinced the salt lamps cut down on the dust in my house. I am going to get one for my husband's man cave.

Mari said...

I haven't heard of Scrub daddies or salt lamps. I'm very interested in the salt lamps - my house is dusty and I have allergies. I second Bonnie's recommendation of Norwex. I love that stuff!

doodles n daydreams said...

Oh, I enjoy Agatha Raisin, I hope we get the series in this part of the world.
I've never heard of salt lamps but could do with something that helps cut down the dust.


Arlene Grimm said...

Mari, anything that keeps me from having to dust often, is a bonus!! Diana, I look forward to the series as well. I love Hamish and Agatha. Someone asked if Hamish and Agatha would ever meet and Ms Beaton said that she doubted it as they would not think much of each other. Agreed!!

Tina said...

I always love your book recommendations and these sound like great ones! I'm on a long waiting list at the library for Lucy Barton but should be able to pick up the other one this weekend, can't wait! Also I didn't realize the salt lamps were supposed to help to keep dust down...great for my allergies and my chore list!

Barbara said...

I love M.C. Beaton too. I follow her on facebook but did not join in the discussion. How fun for you to have her answer your question. I did't not know that Robert Carlyle played Hamish in a series. I'll have to see if I can find it, but I can certainly see that the physical difference would throw you off. Hahaha. We love our characters don't we.