Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend in Memphis

We spent a fun weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, visiting the Lee Grimm family. As I have said before, though we lived just three hours from each other,  we did not see each other very often. Lee and Lanier have five children and we have three children so we were all very busy in their growing up years.  Now that we are empty nesters we have made it a priority to visit back and forth. It was our turn to go to Memphis to visit. Our nephew, Jeff, and his wife, Sarah, are expecting a baby in April so Sarah's sister in laws threw her a sweet baby shower.( Pictures of that event tomorrow). One of the things we really enjoy is being able to get to know our great nieces and nephews who live in Memphis.

Our niece, Sarah Grimm Curry, is the mother of this precious little girl, Dottie. Dottie LOVED her Uncle Marvin and sat in his lap almost all weekend. Everyone assured Marvin that Dottie did not usually take up with just anyone so he must be special.  In this picture she was showing Uncle Marvin her favorite Dumbo. Dumbo is her favorite Disney movie as well. Uncle Marvin got to hold one of Lanier's gifts for baby Jeff Jr.  Dottie is named after her great grandmother, Dorothy Barry and she was born on her late Great Grandma Grimm's birthday, July 10th.

This is Marvin and his brother, Lee, along with Lee's granddaughter, Sallie.  What are they up to? Lee Grimm Jr is in Ruwanda on a medical mission trip  and he called to Facetime. The miracle of technology...I am still amazed by it. Lee Jr is in Africa for two weeks doing surgery along with a group of medical personnel from the medical school where he is on staff, University of South Alabama. He has shared some amazing pictures of the people and the scenery there. He also shared some scenes that only the doctors and the nurses in the family found interesting.:)

While we are in Memphis, we have to get Muddys cupcakes from Muddy's Bakery. Our great nephew, Rob, joined us for a treat after our lunch at Corky's.

Uncle Marvin and Rob enjoying their dessert!!

We had a busy Saturday visiting with the family and Lanier and I made a quick trip to visit her mother in the assisted living facility where she resides.  Mrs Barry is known by Dot Dot to her extended family and at 93 years old she is still sharp and gets out and about. When we arrived for our visit, she had just returned from seeing one of her granddaughter's basketball game.  She is much loved and cherished by her family.

We packed a lot into one weekend and I am dragging this Monday morning but this is one of my stay at home days so I will rest today!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't it cute how a little one will pick out one adult as their favorite for the day. So sweet. I always admire those surgeons who offer their skills to a third-world country. What a mission.

Arlene Grimm said...

Dottie was smitten Judy...but Uncle Marvin was too!!lol

Mrs.T said...

What a whirlwind trip you had, but what a lovely time with family. Mr. T tends to be one of those "child magnets" too. Always fun to see how they warm up to him!

Arlene Grimm said...

It is rather funny because most children find him intimidating at 6'4" Mrs T. He loved it though!! Especially when she would not have much to do with me.