Monday, February 22, 2016


I do not usually do a whole post on Downton Abbey but last night was so full of plot that I had to devote some time to discussing it with all you DA fans.

I have felt that this season was a bit slow and a bit predictable. Lord Grantham's spectacular hemorrhage at the fancy dinner being an exception to this rule!! As an old nurse, I say kudos to the people who filmed this very realistic and sickening scene,  But last night was more like the "old
Downton" to me. I could forget that it was winding down and I enjoyed the excellent acting. Thank you Julian Fellowes.

1. Mrs Patmore   Oh this poor lady who fears she is having her dreams dashed due to cheating spouses. Now we know why the man was in the shrubs spying last week.  Carson just cannot help himself as he lectures the poor dear. Elsie brings him up short when she reminds him that they have plans to run a similar establishment.  Sometimes I think of Carson as the Downstairs Daddy. He wants to be the one in charge in all situations and he cannot wrap his head around the changing world of 1925. How nice of the Family to come to her rescue and Lord Grantham even gives Carson a bit of a lecture. And when Elsie told Charles he was a curmudgeon but he was her curmudgeon...loved it.

2. Mr Molesley   I had my doubts about Mr Molesley being able to control a classroom and it seemed I was right. I felt so sorry for him. He is always so cautious and does not see himself as others see him. But telling those children that they could rise above their station seemed to do the trick. When they saw how educated a man in service had become, they were willing to listen to him.  And I like that Mr Molesley emphasized that he had done most of his learning through reading!!

3. Mr Barrow   Never one of my favorite characters as he seems to be his own worst enemy, I did feel sorry for him last night. I had seen this one coming however. I loved the scene where Mary brought George to see him. Maybe we will see a new side of Barrow...oh well probably not but it was nice while it lasted.

4. Edith     Bertie is a LORD! Oh my word...I did not expect this at all. And the reactions of the family are priceless. I loved the statement that Lord Grantham made about Edith, "She could not even make her dolls do as she liked!" That pretty much sums it up.  But we all know that Mary is going to be the fly in the ointment and she is! One of the saddest things about Edith is that she seems to expect that she deserves shoddy treatment. She goes back to London to take up her life there without histrionics.  And Cassandra Jones is really Granny's Butler! Bananas!!

5. Mary    She got several tellings off this week and I think we were all glad to see her comeuppance. As with most hurtful people, Mary lashes out to hide her own insecurities. When she finally admitted to Granny that she could not be a crash widow again, even I felt sorry for her.   While I have never felt that she had a lot of chemistry with Henry, I thought the wedding was very sweet. I guess I should clarify here. I felt the actress Michelle Dockery and the actor,Matthew Goode, did not seem to have a lot of chemistry, taking away from their tv love story. Now Michelle Dockery and Dan Stephens really had chemistry.  Some of us were hoping maybe Tom and Mary would get together, they seemed to have more chemistry than Mary and Henry.

6. Mary and Edith...what a touching scene just before Mary is married. Edith reminds Mary that they are all they will have one day when all the people they have loved are just memories.  I do wish these two sisters could come to have a meaningful relationship. I believe Mary will do something to get Edith and Bertie back together.  Maybe when both women are happy with their lives they can be true sisters.

So I believe there are two more episodes.( no, only the Christmas special is left and we have to wait until March 6th to see it!!) I have refused to purchase the DVD. Some of my friends have seen the whole season already but they are kindly keeping it to themselves. I prefer to see it unfold slowly and after the season is over I will probably binge watch this season over again!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Oh yes, wasn't last night's episode amazing! So much packed in there. When I was talking to Mr. C. about Mary and Henry and 'chemistry,' he said, 'That's all that had, was chemistry.' And really, I think that's true. They were drawn to each other despite all the differences. Tom Branson seems to have been brought back to tie so many loose ends up and to deal with Mary. My favorite scene was the Mary and Edith one, and I too am so glad that Mary got brought down by Granny in a kind and loving way. LOVE Spratt! Thanks for the fun blog post. I will miss Downton Abbey, for sure.

Arlene Grimm said...

Judy, I felt there was no chemistry between the actor and actress and that made the love story fall rather flat. I guess the Mary and Matthew story was such a contrast because the actors made us cheer for them to get together. I should have clarified better!! I think a lot of us were rather hoping Mary and Tom would get together. Now they do have chemistry!! But Mary and Edith certainly were the best of all last night.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, I too love DA and I'll miss it so much when it's over! I enjoyed the show last nigh and so much happened.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
Julie xo

Linda said...

I just love Downton Abbey!! I am going to miss it so much!

Arlene Grimm said...

Julie and Linda, i am right there with is hard to believe this great show has entertained us for six years now. All good things must come to an end...but WHY DOWNTON?????

Terri D said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVED last night's episode and it makes me sick to think the end is coming. I will probably watch all of the seasons again at some point. I love to do the binge watch a year or so after the last episode. We are actually watching the Sopranos again, and I don't even remember half of it. I so want Edith and Bertie to be together and I agree that it will happen before the end! All of the servants seem to be branching out, getting ready to support themselves in other ways, with the 'royalty' diminishing. Great post!

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri, I agree, times are changing in England. I think last night's episode was my favorite this season. Now just the Christmas special is left. I hope it included a wedding...Edith's!