Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bird Watching

My sister in law, Amy, and her friend, Leigh, came to North Alabama for some bird watching and we were able to meet up with them at the Wheeler Refuge not far from my house. Amy and Leigh live in Big Pine Key, Florida but they both have family in Alabama so it was a trip for bird watching and visiting.  Amy said they had spent the morning at the Botanical Garden in Huntsville and she was able to get some beautiful photos of the birds and butterflies that live in that habitat.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge is literally up the road from our house and since Kendall and Landon had early dismissal yesterday, it was the perfect time to go birdwatching with Aunt Amy.

There is a nice visitor's center and observation area. Landon was enjoying the touch and feel table.

Kendall was looking for some wild life.

Aunt Amy taught Landon to use her binoculars. He loved looking at nature close up. Hmmm....birthday gift perhaps?

Kendall was using Leigh's set of binoculars. Leigh was telling us about the birds they had seen on their trip.

The Refuge has several pretty landscape areas as well. See all the daffodils blooming. In my walks this week I have seen the redbud trees beginning to bud as well as a beautiful weeping willow putting out its leaves. Spring is here I think.

We enjoyed having dinner with our visitors at Big Bob Gibsons BBQ. Since they live in the keys, they eat fish and sea food a lot so they are ready for some pork and beef when they come north.  It is always good to be with family and especially Amy as she lives so far away that we seldom see her.

Today is friend day and Deborah is graciously hosting us at her house in the country. I just may take my camera and get some snapshots of spring coming to the country.


Sandy said...

I think you are right, spring is here. Looked like a fun outing. It is always good for the soul to be outside in nature.

Rian said...

How wonderful to have a nature refuge so close to home. And I'll bet the kids enjoyed it too. I did a bit of bird watching with the Audubon Society years ago. Loved it.

Terri D said...

I know you will enjoy your friend day! Can't wait to see the photos! It does indeed look like Spring has sprung there!

Arlene Grimm said...

Yesterday was just gorgeous and today it is raining. I did get some pictures out in the country so I will share those tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, the children are growing up so fast! I am jealous of your Wildlife Refuge. How wonderful to live so close by!

Cranberry Morning said...

It is so great to let kids do hands-on things and especially to help them acquire a love of God's creation. I love the touch and feel part of the museum. Have a great time with your friend. :-)