Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Our MOPs group had a good time Friday, checking out all the neat businesses our Moms run out of their homes while mothering their little ones.

First I have to show you a picture of my new outfit I wore for MOPs. These girls have really "smartened" up my fashion choices.

I am enjoying little cardigans!! And I found this pretty top at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places to shop.

And here is Creations by Michie. Michie is our other Nana mentor. Michie( pronounced Mi shay) worked many years for Martha Pullen and now designs her own patterns and sells them online. Martha Pullen is from Huntsville and was THE smocking/french handsewing expert in the US. In addition to running this business with her daughter and daughter in law, Michie cares for her husband who suffers from a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimers.  Such a sweet and gracious lady, she is an example to us all.

This is a portion of the Lularoe table. If you are looking for tights with crazy designs, look for Jamie. Lularoe also produces cute shirts and modest dresses.

Who knows toys better than a toddler mom?

Hairbows anyone? And cute dresses too.

Alabama Pediatric Dental, one of our sponsors, graciously shared some give aways.

Another mom is an author!

My YLEO upline Mom, Jenn, shared the Young Living products.

Nicole makes yummy jams, jellies and bread.

For the chef in the family.

Jamberry Nails.

Simply Delicious products...which I have tried and they are delicious.

We are about half way through Audrey's visit and she is still doing well. I am feeling those prayers!!  Kendall and Landon came to play with her today and they had such a good time. It warms a Nana's heart to see her grands loving on each other.

And the Biggest and Best News...Ben and Katy closed on their townhome at 5:30 pm. Thank you Thank you for the prayers you prayed over this matter.


Mari said...

We are doing something similar next month - anyone with a business, skill or something to share will be taking part. I'm looking forward to it.
You look so cute! Glad to hear the kids are still doing well and the closing happened. :)

Linda said...

What an awesome presentation of so many good products!
Yes! for being halfway there with your granddaughter's visit!!! The time has gone fast!
By the way - YOU look terrific!!!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mari, it was a great meeting and a time of networking. Linda, thank you for the sweet compliment. I am working on And yes, I am on the downhill slide of the visit. We are going out to lunch today with the girlfriends.

Sandy said...

You look great. I love your little snazzy outfit. Cardigans are great, because they kind of cover up the bad parts for me. I have several colors of them.
Your outing looks fun.
What it your favorite essential oil and why? I have a diffuser and am dabbling, but I get them at our local health food store.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks Sandy...Cardigans do cover those upper arms which are not my favorite part. I am trying to tone up there too. Sandy I have been using YLEO for two years now. I researched a good bit before deciding on this company. Their oils are pricy but you get what you pay for as they are put through a lot of testing before they are bottled. I diffuse different ones at different times of the year. I diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint every night as we sleep for allergy support. In the fall I use orange and clove in the diffuser. In the winter I use Cinnamon Bark or Christmas Spirit and in the spring and summer I like Jade Lemon and Bergamot. I use a lot of the oils that I apply topically as well.I have to say that Digize is one of my favoritesas well as Thieves.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I'm always cold, so I love cardigans and have several in different colors. (That makes me sound so old!!!! - Turn up the heat, Virgil!!!) Anyway . . . love the business minded Moms. It really does let you have the best of both worlds — staying home with your children and keeping your hand in a creative business outlet. How clever to have a showcase!

Jazzmin said...

So wonderful to hear your joyful sharings, from Ben and Katy's good news to the sweetness of you seeing your grandchildren together! What a blessing! Praying for and thinking of y'all during her visit. So glad she is doing well.

Enjoyed your post very much! I love seeing entrepreneurial women putting their vision into motion and blessing their families with their hard work. What amazing handiwork and creativity those ladies shared with you all.
I especially enjoyed seeing Michie's incredibly beautiful work.

It's always so excited trying out a new outfit and yours is lovely! I love the color combination :) I love how cardigans add so much class to an outfit. I am enjoying them lately, as well.

Have a blessed weekend, Arlene!!
Jazzmin :)