Thursday, March 10, 2016

Out in the Country

I am posting tonight because I have an early morning. We are doing a special activity at MOPs in the morning....a Momazon. Our members who have businesses are being showcased. I cannot wait to see what all our mommies have to share with us!

Today I went out to Deborah's for lunch. There is a beautiful weeping willow in Deborah's side yard.

Nothing says spring like a weeping willow!

After lunch I headed to the local Mennonite Bakery for some items.

This little store has really expanded its inventory in the last year!  It is no longer just a bakery, it has all kinds of interesting food stuffs and baking products for sale.

Here is what I purchased there....

Their sour dough bread is just tres magnific! The apple butter is a new product I am trying and it was good but not as good as my brother in law, William's apple butter.  The sesame sticks are priced very reasonably there and those little dehydrated marshmallows are a favorite of the grands. They taste like the charms in Lucky Charms!! And I have to confess, when I was putting these tasty treats away I ate a few of the marshmallows without even thinking about it. Then I went...OH NO...well I will pick myself up and start over!

A pastoral scene across the road from the bakery. This area of NoAla is called Massey. It is a tranquil little valley between Falkville and Lacon.

The Mennonite residents are known for their signage.

The Mennonite farms tend to be very well kept.


More signs of spring!!

And one last sign for you. Falkville is home to our county's Cowboy Church.  One of my MOPs mom friends attends church there and I have to say, the services sound very interesting.

Even though it was an overcast day, I really enjoyed my trip to the country.


Gina said...

Arlene, I love your signs of spring! My favorite bread is sourdough! I've never heard of dehydrated marshmallows. So strange!

Arlene Grimm said...

Gina, i had never heard of them either but my grands eat all the "charms" out of the Lucky Charms and leave the cereal so they love these little sugary morsels. And apparently I do too as I had a few as I was emptying them into an airtight

MiSchra said...

Spring is in the air! Lovely post, so happy that I found your wonderful blog.
xoxo from an american gal now living in Germany :-)
Michelle aka MiSchra

Arlene Grimm said...

Michelle, thanks for stopping by! Our last name is Grimm and my husband's family is from the Ruppersdorf area of Germany. I tend to blog in a stream of consciousness as my youngest son, the English major, tells me. But I love blogging and I enjoy meeting people from all over the world via blogging. Come back soon!!

MiSchra said...

Oh my! Thank you dear Arlene for your kind words! I'm blushing at the moment :-) I'm so happy that you like my work... it's always a wonderful thing to be inspired and so I hope to inspire and pass on happy and kind thoughts to others out there! Germany is a wonderful and yes somehow magical place (as all of Europe I think) but I do get homesick for the States, where I was born and raised. I do travel back every once in a awhile but not as often as I would like to ;-)
Love and blessings to you <3

Sandy said...

I love those pictures of the farms. Those daffodils make my simple one seem pretty poor in comparison, but I try not to compare. I love those and my few little ones. God does more with nature than we can ever do.
Oh, those little marshmallows. Save some for Easter and then you can enjoy.

Terri D said...

Beautiful country scenes!! I LOVE shopping in those specialty shops. Yum!! The cowboy church does sound interesting. Have a good weekend!

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I have NO daffodils in my yard. Maybe next year!! I am not much of a gardener and I am stressing over what I will plant this spring!! Terri, I love The Dutch Oven. I can find the most interesting things there and the Mennonite people are so kind.

Barbara said...

That Willow is beautiful. Wouldn't it be a wonderful start to the day to drink coffee and watch the wind blowing.

Arlene Grimm said...

Barbara, Deborah has a beautiful back porch that faces that pretty tree. One day I will have to do a post on her porch!!