Monday, March 28, 2016

The Birthday Boy

We enjoyed celebrating Baylor's fifth birthday with him on Saturday. Lots of noise can be disconcerting for him so Katy decided on a low key birthday with just the grandparents this year. It was  a warm morning so we had lunch and played in the yard.

I had a hard time getting a picture this year. Baylor outsmarted me.  I love this photo of Baylor holding Ben's hand.

Baylor enjoyed his new chair from Granny Pat. We got him some new shorts, a ball and a stuffed lion.

Margaret and Elliott like Baylor's chair too.

Playing outside is Baylor's favorite thing to do.

Elliott spilled his bubbles ...why can't the bubble companies come up with a solution to spilling the contents? Maybe I need to come up with an invention along those lines and make lots of money?:)

Margaret was more interested in the Disney princesses that Granny Pat brought for her.

And on Sunday Marvin and I enjoyed an Easter Dinner for just two.

Audrey is ready for Easter.

Kendall and Landon are all dressed up as well. Kendall got a haircut on Saturday, going back to a shoulder length bob.

Well that is it for our weekend. Today I begin putting away all the Easter decor and trying to think of some spring/summer touches to add to my home.


Sandy said...

Those grandkids are just beautiful. I am off to clean my house as well. It is somehow messier than usual with Jeff being off last week. I got off my routine in every way.

Mildred said...

Your grandchildren are all just beautiful. I love the birthday photos of sweet Baylor. Your china on your Easter table is very pretty. Hope you have a nice Monday.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I just put the last of the Easter decor in the attic. At least it is not as time consuming as putting away the Christmas things. Now my house is quite tidy and I need to get out and get in my walk this am. Mildred, thank you for those sweet words! Baylor is really coming along. Thank you for your prayers for him and his family.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Just adorable, every single one of them! Happy Birthday to Baylor. He's a joy, I'm sure!

Terri D said...

Your grandchildren are all so beautiful. I'm glad you had a good birthday celebration and a nice quiet Easter. Love seeing all the photos!

Debby said...

What cute grandkids you have.
I know your grandson holds a special part of your heart. Hey, I don't like noisey birthdays either.
It's so much fun spending time with our grands. I haven't seen my Colorado grants since last June. I am headed there this weekend. I never have gone this long. I was to go in the fall but then we moved.
Have a nice week.

Arlene Grimm said...

You all are so sweet! And Debby, have a good time with your sweet grands. I think all of us have happy memories of times spent with our grandparents.

Anonymous said...

What delightful pictures, Arlene! Baylor looks like he is enjoying his little stuffed animal. Bless his heart!

All the grands look grand for Easter. Audrey is adorable!!

Bubbles always end up so messy. You could make a lot of money fixing that problem!

Linda said...

SWEET! Sweet! SWEET photos of such sweet children!! Loved every single pic!!

Mari said...

It looks like a perfect party! Your grandkids are so cute. I loved each photo!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks are going to give me the big head with all your kind comments.