Saturday, April 16, 2016

Its That Time of the Year

Yes, it is spring, when many in my family have birthdays. In addition to that I have three wedding invitations and I anticipate several graduation invitations so I have a GIFT list on my calendar to make sure I get gifts and cards to everyone.  Oh and Mother's Day will be here before you know it so I have some gifts to purchase for Mother and my daughters. I always try to get each of them something for Mother's Day to let them know I appreciate how they are taking good care of my grands. I do the same for the dads on Fathers Day.

Son in law, Todd, has a birthday on Monday so I made his favorite chocolate chip cookies, added a card with some cash in it and delivered it to Amelia. When I saw him at the ball field last nigh I got a big hug. Oh yes, we are at the ball field a lot now as well.  And when people are huddled under blankets in Alabama in mid April, that is unusual.

Kendall will turn 10 on the 25th so we are having a girls afternoon. I ordered one of her gifts from Amazon, Converse high top sneakers in zebra print! She plans to get some hot pink shoe laces to replace the white ones that come with the shoe.  Today we will hit up Target for a cover for her ipad, stop by Academy sports to look for shoelaces and finally we will have a molten lava cake at Chilis! She and I are big fans of this dessert and as our birthdays are about 3 weeks apart, we will indulge.

Next Saturday we are driving down to Bham to go to the Pepperpot Market with Ben, Katy and crew. Katy shared with us that it is an amazing downtown event held each Saturday from 7 to 12. Steel City Pops has a booth so I am planning to try this frozen treat I have heard so much about. Apparently they have popsickles in all sorts of flavors!

So our spring is busy and Nana and Grandpa are going to have to get with the program!! Do they still sell Geritol? ( All you older readers will know what I am talking about!!).


Terri D said...

I think I need to Google Geritol!! Haven't thought of that in years. Perhaps it could help me with my get-up-and-go that got-up-and-went!! LOL Enjoy all the celebrations!

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad someone else remembers it Terri!!

Sandy said...

I do remember Geritol!
You are going to be busy this next few weeks. I guess it keeps us young???
I went to a softball game last night with Hubby for his school. I wore a jacket and would have very chilly without it. You were right about the dogwood spring. My mother said this morning that April had been more like a March and March more like an April.

Betsy Brock said...

Spring always seems to be a busy time like that with graduations and weddings, vacations and all kinds of celebrations! Add to it all the outside chores that come with the winter's end and everyone is busy! Sounds like you have some fun things coming up~

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy some of the parents had blankets at last night's game. I wish I had thought of that. And Betsy, it is good to be busy. I keep telling myself to enjoy these busy days. My octogenarian neighbors spend most of their days quietly at home.

Anonymous said...

Busy and fun times ahead! Enjoy every minute.

Arlene Grimm said...

I am going to try Mildred! I am still looking for Geritol.:)