Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Stream

Just musing this morning on several topics....

1. I have decided to enable comment moderation on my blog. Several mentioned that the word verification was getting to be a pain. I hate those things too but they became necessary when spammers went after our blogs.  So now I see the comments and then publish them myself. It is not too time consuming and I hope it leads to more people taking time to comment.

2. I was saddened to hear of the death of Doris Roberts...the great character actress who will forever be known to me as Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond.  Raymond was one of my favorite tv shows and Marie was a hoot. She played the meddling mother in law role to the hilt.  I read her autobiography and she was a very interesting lady. She was also a good cook, just as she was on the tv show.  One of my favorite episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond was the one where Marie gave Deborah, her Daughter in Law, a recipe but she had changed one of the ingredients to be sure Deborah's results did not match Marie's. I have a few recipes from my sweet MIL that do not taste like hers did! Did she pull a Marie on me?

3. Well I am still having problems in the reading department. I picked up the latest cozy mystery, Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier and I stopped reading about half way through. I have read this author's books since she wrote her first one 24 years ago.  Ms Meier's last four or five mysteries have just been a platform for some of her liberal ideas. That along with stories that are just silly will ensure that I read my last Lucy Stone mystery.

4. And while we are talking about reading. Have any of you read the book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes? It has been popular for quite a while but I just finished it. Without giving out spoilers, the bottom line of the book seems to be that euthanasia is something to be considered if your life is too difficult. This book is being made into a movie so I watched the trailer and I am sure it will be a success at the box office. Mr Bates from Downton Abbey plays the main character's father. And the actor who played Finnick in The Hunger Games is the male lead. What concerns me about this book is that it IS well written and IT will be an influence on younger readers.  It reminded me that if you have no moral compass, it is easy to see death as an answer to a problem. Such is our culture today!

5.And speaking of our culture, I am becoming more appalled at the crudeness that is becoming normal in every day life.  Personally I liked the days when your mama washed your mouth out with soap if you said a bad word!   I blame social media for a portion of this...people have lost their inhibitions. Television also bears some of the blame, the words you hear on Network Television has led to me stop watching most shows. Marvin and I were watching Jeopardy the other evening and one category was Television. We had not heard of a single show!

6. I will end that depressing line of thought by telling you about my bartering session with Kendall. We were shopping the other day and she saw a shirt she wanted. It was a Nike brand so it was not inexpensive. I thought I would teach her about bartering. I told her I would make a list of 10 chores she could do at my house to pay for the shirt. She was on board right away! So this afternoon after she gets home from school she will start working off her shirt.(I did give her the shirt right away which might have been a mistake, we will see!)  The main portion of the work involves cleaning baseboards in the house. This is a chore that is harder and harder for me to do and I think her young legs will be better at moving along the baseboards!  It will take her two or three weeks to accomplish her work. I am determined that she will do it all and do it right!

Ok, hopping out of the stream and getting ready for a day of cooking and cleaning. Yall have a good day too!!


Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Your list of thoughts always makes me drift off into my own thoughts — about your thoughts! Love the barter method. We use it all the time! And everything else you said . . . amen!

Sandy said...

I agree with Leslie Anne...your thoughts make me think about your thoughts. I so agree with you about TV. I haven't been a TV watcher for a very long time. I fill those hours with stitching, reading blogs, reading period while Hubby has the TV and this time of year begins to snore:) Long days at work until school is out.
I love your idea of making Kendall think about the price of something for just the name. I think more kids need to have to do that these days.
I am reading a nonfiction book right now, so if I ever settle in to finish I will let you know more about it.

Arlene Grimm said...

Leslie Anne, I did that with my own kids. If they wanted something that was a bit more than I was willing to pay, I offered to pay half if they would pay half. That usually determined how badly they wanted it.:) Sandy if you come across any good books let me know. I am almost done with my Sunny Days cross stitch project then I have to find something new to stitch. I seem to be doing more stitching than anything lately!!

Terri D said...

It is definitely good to have today's kids (especially) understand that things come at a cost and that hard work has benefits. Good for you! I enjoyed your morning muses...

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri, so far so good. She did an excellent job on the baseboards!!

Mari said...

I started comment verification too, but put it on posts that are 2 weeks or older and it's worked.
I worry about books and movies like that influencing people too.
We hardly watch any regular tv either - lots of Netflix!
Can she come and clean my baseboards? :)