Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Stream

It has been a busy few days and I feel the need to jump in the stream this morning.

1. Books or lack there of! I am in a reading drought. I have checked out several books that promised to be good, only to put them aside after two or three chapters. I have resorted to my own library and re reading some old favorites. My husband NEVER reads a book twice! He finds it odd that I do so. How about you? My books are my friends and I love every one of them.  While the grands were here we had a book we read over and over...The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore. My friend, Susan, gave me this book as a thank you for sprucing up her Christmas wreath and we are all just enchanted by this sweet story. The illustrations are wonderful and the story so meaningful.

2. We received three Patch the Pirate CDs in the mail last week. Margaret and I listened to one of them while she was here. Kendall and Landon will look forward to listening to the CDs they each chose. Kendall got Character Quest( about having a Christian Character) while Landon chose Kilamangaro. I cannot remember the theme of that one, but Patch always has a message to impart along with the story and song.  And finally Nana ordered 10 Hymns Every Child Should Know. Hymns and their great theology must not be forgotten in this culture of Praise songs. If you have young grands, check out Majesty Music online.

3. I have a new great niece, Mae Grimm, along with a new great nephew, Jeff Grimm Jr who will be known as Buddy. That brings my greats to 15.....Sarah, Allison, Lee, Ellis, Paul, Rob, Dottie, Sallie, Eden, Adeline, Mae, Christen, Lila, Anna Cate and finally Buddy.  Of course, my great aunts were old but that is not the case these days!:)

4. I am looking forward to painting my turtle door hanger at Hartselle Parks and Rec this Thursday evening. I may make this a monthly activity...until I run out of places to store them. Then one week from today I am going to a Mother's Day Stamp it Up activity led by one of my MOPs MOMs.  For $5 I will come home with three Mothers Day Cards! One for each daughter!  While I have not been reading I have been being more creative.

5. House update....We finally have all the paperwork together to apply for a residential zone for our little house so we will be within the prescribed distance of our property line. I think it was much easier when Ma and Pa Ingalls roamed the prairie and put their houses where ever they fancied! Our little get away will not be very big so hopefully it will be built quickly and we can enjoy it by this fall.

6.Sunday afternoon, I went to the church to help prepare for our Ladies Conference Friday and Saturday. We made the centerpieces, stuffed goodie bags and generally had a good time visiting with each other. We call ourselves The Minions! But we have great leaders who are a delight to follow and work for this week. The conference is entitled, Anchored, so we made centerpieces reflecting that theme. Our color scheme is Turquoise and Gray. I will be sharing some pictures next week!

Well that is about all that is floating about in my noggin this morning. Thanks for the prayers for Baylor. Leslie Anne came up with a good idea that we will try. She suggested using a baby wipe to wipe Ruby down after she has been outside. Perhaps it is pollen on her fur that is bothering Baylor. Why didn't I think of that? Another reason that I love my blog friends!! Have a great Tuesday Ladies!


Betsy Brock said...

15 goodness, you are blessed! How very fun!

Rian said...

And yes, I do re-read some books... especially if there's nothing new available that's good. The good thing about getting older is that even though I may remember reading the book, I don't remember the whole story... or have forgotten bits of it.

Arlene Grimm said...

Betsy, 13 of those children are the grandchildren of my sis in law, Lanier. She had five children and now has 13 grand children. All of them are under the age of 7!! Rian, I am glad I am not alone! Yes, I can even re read a mystery because I have forgotten who did it!!:)

Debby said...

Sounds like busy fun. Congrats on your ever growing family.

doodles n daydreams said...

Congratulations to Terri on her win.
I hope you work out what is causing Baylor to react to Ruby, what a good solution if it eliminates the problem.
I agree, I think the old hymns have a wealth of information in them if you take note of the words. And no, I tend not to read any books twice, which is why I use the library and don't buy books. I couldn't keep up with the cost otherwise.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Have you read Fannie Flagg's All Girls Filling Stations last reunion? It was SO good! My husband even read it! Hugs!

Arlene Grimm said...

Diane, I will look for that one! Thanks for the suggestion. Diana, I wish I could say no to books but oh my goodness, I have an addiction. Debby, it is always fun to visit the Memphis Grimms with all their little ones! I am always glad to come home to my six!lol