Thursday, June 2, 2016

And The Winner Is

My long time blog friend, Mildred, is the winner of this month's giveaway!! I have to thank Mildred for introducing me to several of the bloggers on my blog roll! She is a Georgia Girl like myself and if you want to visit her blog you will find it on my Blogs I Read list. I added another new blog to the list this week...Mrs Erica. My blog friend, Whitney, at Come Home for Comfort, introduced me to the LA Girl ( that is Lower Alabama by the way!). Mrs Erica also does vlogs and I have enjoyed watching several of them. VLOGS are a lot of fun but my face was made for blogging and not vlogging.  Mildred I will get your little package in the mail soon!!

And Amelia and I were upset that our monthly painting class was cancelled due to lack of interest so the ladies at the Rec Center kindly allowed me to come and choose three cut outs for my fee. One of them was from the class we were set to was painted on one side with Lemonade but I had a different idea so I turned it over and painted it.

I wanted to do Iced Tea just like on my Garden flag. It looks rather red here but trust me it is iced tea colored! So now my pitcher has lemonade looking out into the garage and it says, Sweet Summeretime. I also picked up a football that will be decorated in Georgia Tech colors and will hang on my door on Game Days in the fall. The last cut out was a cute rooster that has a chalk board belly. I am not sure I will do the chalk board part...I may just paint Mr  Rooster in my kitchen colors.  I am learning more about shading and high lighting as I go. I am no artist but I sure do enjoy painting.

I am posting tonight as I have an early morning. And BTW, Cracker Barrel had NO fall decor out this morning. They did have lots of patriotic things on display as well as beach goods. The 70% off corner had lots to tempt me but I only purchased a necklace and a treat for a friend.  I was a very good girl!!


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, I love your cute painting you made! You have so much fun crafting. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love your Ice Tea pitcher. Too cute! Thanks for the heads up about Cracker Barrel decor. I am not a good girl. I want to be a very bad girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

PS - Congratulations Mildred!

Terri D said...

No Fall and no Christmas yet! That's a good thing, and so is 70% off anything at Cracker Barrel! Love the cut-outs! They are such a great idea and I'm glad they let you pick some out to take home, since the class was cancelled.

Sandy said...

Too bad the painting sessions didn't go over. Maybe it was the time of the year. My daughter would love this. There is a new place downtown that does painting nights. She and a group went the other night. She loved it.
Love to find new blogs, so I will check them out. I am not sure just why I love blogs, but I do...the real everyday kind.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Your iced tea sign is so cute, and it made me laugh because yesterday, my husband had an out-of-town client from Arizona visit. At lunch, he ordered tea, and my husband said he almost choked when he tasted how sweet it was! Southern shock!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be the winner of your giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.
I love the iced tea sign and the football will be great for fall weekends!
Enjoy your day.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for the visits this morning Ladies. Sandy, I love the everyday kind of blog as well. For some reason Mrs Erica's blog does not update so it is located at the bottom of my blog roll. Leslie Anne, you have not had sweet tea until you have Hooper Tea. My husband's first cousins make the sweetest tea ever! But it sure is good on a hot day! I prefer Milo's myself!

Mari said...

Congrats to Mildred! I'm so happy that she won. :)
Love your painting!

doodles n daydreams said...

Congratulations Mildred, your gifts look sweet.
I like your iced tea jug (pitcher) nice and summery.


Arlene Grimm said...

Mari, I was glad that Mildred won as well!! And Diana, just as it is getting hot here y'all are ready for hot tea over there.