Sunday, June 26, 2016

Home Again

There is no place like home! 2016 Grimm Fam Jam is over and we have many nice memories to think upon in the days ahead.

Ben is patrolling the pool, keeping watch over Margaret and Baylor. Our condominium complex is in the back ground. One pool patron who is from West Monroe, Louisiana, thought that Ben was Jep Robertson. He has been told this before. You cannot see his beard here but believe me Ben is cuter than Jep.

We had been so worried about the 21st floor but it was great. Baylor did not get out on the balcony and we had such gorgeous views of the ocean and the lagoon.

Lagoon on the right and ocean on the left. We had a quick walk to the beach and the pool was perfect for Baylor.

Aunt Katy and Kendall having a chat after dinner on Saturday evening.

Kendall and Margaret loved spending time together.

Cinnamon Rolls...Elliott's favorite.

I caught Baylor eating an apple.

It sure was windy the first day at the beach. In fact, it was rather dangerous as there was a rip tide. Four people drowned along the panhandle over the weekend. We kept close to the shore.

Two beach beauties.

Todd and Hampton in the surf.

Landon and Hudson built a sand least it was a castle until the tide came in!

Grandpa kept watch from the cabana.

We had perfect weather and the heat of NoAla was not missed at all. On Tuesday the Rip Tide went away and we were able to breathe a bit easier the rest of the week. More to come!


Linda said...

I am so happy ya'll had a great time! I knew you would!
LOVE love LOVE the photos and can't wait to see more! Welcome home!

Mildred said...

Welcome back Arlene. Oh, the photos are great. Everyone looks happy and relaxed. Did Baylor's dog go along on the trip?

Sandy said...

I love the pictures of the cousins all having fun together. That was my childhood. Always lots of cousins to play with. I am an only and Jeff only has one niece who is 12 years older than mine, so they have never had cousins to play with. They are close to their one even though she is older, but she was too old to play with them real soon after they were born.

Anyway, it looks like y'all had a great week.

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, I have been worried about your foot...hope it is better!! Mildred, Ruby is not totally trained yet so she had to stay home this time. By December we hope she will be ready for duty. Sandy, I had so many cousins and it blesses my heart to see them playing together as we did. Sure have missed all of you and i am glad to be home.

doodles n daydreams said...

Hi Arlene, it looks like you had a great family time.


Terri D said...

What a pretty place you found to enjoy your family vacation! Can't wait to hear more!

Barbara said...

Sounds like the perfect family vacation. We used to always take a family vacation and have so many great memories. One family member is a pain and too much for a whole week so we have discontinued. So sad but better for them to make their own adventure. Glad you don't have that problem.