Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Stream

It is already hot here this morning so lets just take a dip in the Stream!

1. Yesterday I visited the dermatologist for the first time in 40 years. I had acne as a teenager and when I went to nursing school, the GBH docs would treat students for FREE!! How neat was that? And while my acne cleared up, I have struggled with very fair skin and all its problems, redness, sun sensitivity etc. I persisted in trying to get tan when I was younger but now I protect my skin the best I can. I was still noticing a lot of redness and an area on my nose concerned me. Well it is rosacea. I was glad to learn it was not a skin cancer.  Another med to add to the list! At least this is a gel that I apply at bedtime.

2. I found a new adult coloring book by Debbie Macomber. It was so pretty I had to get it. It features drawings that represent some of the places in Debbie's books. Sunday afternoon I was "coloring" and I got so relaxed I went to sleep. I do think it is a great stress reliever!! I think they need to produce some coloring books for the guys as well...maybe cars, boats, airplanes etc.

3. I just completed the book, The Rosie Project. It was a cute read about a high functioning Autistic college professor who decides it is time to get married and he goes about it as a project. I am a fan of The Big Bang Theory and I could not help but hear Sheldon Cooper in my head as I read this book. Don, the main character, is so much like Sheldon. Rosie, however is not like Amy Farrah Fowler.

4. This week is VBS for Kendall and Landon. It brings back so many memories of my own VBS days. However it was very LOW TECH in the 1960s.  I remember making jewelry boxes out of cigar boxes. We covered them with macaroni and spray painted them gold or silver. Snack was two cookies and a Dixie cup of Kool Aid out side under the trees. I can still see the three lines we made as we marched in every morning. One line of children behind the American Flag, one behind the Bible Bearer and another line following the Christian Flag. We marched inside Cool Springs Baptist Church and the day began! The Good Old Days.

5.I am proud of my three children who made it a point last weekend to go and see their 85 year old grandmother.  Leta had a party for Laura's graduation so it was a double good time. Mother really enjoys seeing her great grandchildren who range in age from 1 to 10.

6. While walking at the Mall the other day I saw some signs for Independence Day, Resurgence on display outside Carmike Cinema. I loved Independence Day and my kids laugh at me because I always like to watch it the night before July 4th!  I used to make them all watch it and they are glad they finally moved out and away from their crazy mama.  I think Marvin will be going with me to see this one in the theater.

7. On Saturday morning, my  husband asked if I would like to go downtown to First Saturday on Bank.  This is not like my Fizzist husband at all. So I was happy to be asked on a "date". We enjoyed strolling along checking out the various vendors and who should we see but some young ladies from our church who had set up a booth. They were selling crosses and hand lettered cards and notebooks.  I had been their Sunday School teacher as well as their teacher at Central Weekday School. So I got a cross for my cross wall.  I asked the letterer if she could do my favorite Bible Verse for me. She will!   I was impressed that these young ladies were so enterprising. It was a long hot  day but I am sure they did well with their goods.  And Marvin even treated me to lunch at Mellow Mushroom. It was a good day.

Well it is almost time for the kiddos to arrive so I had better get moving. Have a blessed day Friends.


Anonymous said...

Your memories of VBS are exactly the same as mine! Right down to the soggy Dixie cup full of Kool-Aid!
I can't wait to see your new cross. I thought of you when I was at Family Christian Bookstore admiring all of their crosses to hang on the wall. I also saw adult coloring books there with Bible verses.
Have a very nice day!

Heather said...

I too have problems with sensitive skin. If I don't slather up with at least 50spf on a sunny day I will burn. I love those adult coloring books. I have always loved coloring and was so excited to get one as a birthday present this year! The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows, although I don't get to watch it much anymore since we don't have a tv. I do miss it. Have a great day!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed taking a dip in your stream. Getting three kids that have their own kids together for anything these days would be a hard thing, so kudos to them. You should be proud. I bought a coloring book the other day. This one is clothes of the 1950's. Reminded me of my old paper doll books. I hope to use it a trip soon.
I am stitching up a storm in the evenings lately.

Arlene Grimm said...

Mildred, treasured memories aren't they?? And I wish I could check out those crosses!!Heather, just picked up my meds and hoping they will help. With Marvin being a physicist, we find Big Bang very entertaining. Sandy, I would buy one of those coloring books If I could find one!! And I finished my Jolly Jack last night. On to Christmas with Prairie Schooler!!

Terri D said...

We didn't have VBS when I was growing up, but I know my sisters went. Our church did have a very active youth fellowship group, though, and I loved being part of that. I had to laugh because Joe and I always watch Independence Day - usually on the 4th of July. I'll have to watch for that new one!

Mari said...

Your VBS sounds very similar to mine. I loved it! We also enjoy Big Bang and I bet I would like that book.
Sounds like a nice date. :)

Arlene Grimm said...

Terri, you and I are kindred spirits. See todays post about Harry Connick Jr, who was in Independence Day!! Mari those VBS memories are some of my strongest from childhood!