Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Stream

I think the heat has affected my brain as it is hard to come up with a post this morning. We did get a good rain here last night and the gardens and farms surely needed it! We also lost our electricity( or as we say here in NoAla, The Power went out!) for a while last night so Marvin and I spent some time in the candlelight!  Here are the thoughts swimming around in the Stream this am.

1. It has been a sad week in the US and especially the Orlando area.  From the shooting of the young singer from the voice, to the act of terrorism to the loss of  a little one taken by an alligator. All are just so hard to believe.

2. I have been baking up a storm in preparation for vacation. My kitchen smells so good!! I think I have managed to bake a batch of everyone's favorite cookie.

3. I mentioned a new blog on the blog roll, Mrs Erica. Well for some reason it does not move to the top of the list when she posts so you will have to scroll to the bottom of my blog roll to find it. I have to say I have become addicted to her Vlogs on You Tube. She has quite a few of them and I have had to cut myself down to one per day.  She shares an outfit of the day which I have enjoyed as I am challenged in putting together outfits.  She also takes us with her on a typical day, we even went to a bloggers convention with her! So if you want to be entertained and to learn something at the same time, check out her channel on You Tube.

4.I purchased a new SCOUT beach bag for our trip to the beach. It is a pretty hot pink and white stripe with black handles. It is so cute. It is waterproof which makes it perfect for carrying towels, etc. It also has an attached small bag for cellphones. When I was showing it to Marvin he said he would miss his zip lock bag that he usually puts his phone in to protect it from the moisture. Men...they do not see the purpose of having something utilitarian that is pretty as well.

5. Little house update....we got some work done by the county that connects our driveway to the main road. Now we can have the  driveway finished and graveled so that the delivery trucks can bring the building supplies. It looks as though this might be happening soon!!  We even talked to our contractor this week.

6. It is friend day and we are off to BB Perrins for lunch. Benny Perrins owns this sports bar and it has the best chicken fingers!! Benny once played football at Alabama so you can imagine his restaurant is full of Alabama Memorabilia. Roll Tide!

7. And I am making a trip to the library, hoping to find a good book. Hope springs eternal!! When I read a really good new book, I will let you know.

Have a blessed day friends!!


Terri D said...

It sure sounds like you are ready for your vacation! Great news that you can finish your driveway and the contractors can start rolling in the materials they need for the new house! Hooray! Keep us posted on that book!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

What a nice post today! Sounds like a fun vacation to the beach! I know you enjoy the homemade cookies! A new beach bag is always fun! Have fun picking out a book to read! :)