Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Catching Up With the Grands

It seems every time I see my grands that they are growing bigger, smarter and more good looking! Of course I am looking at them through my Nana Glasses but that is how I see it.

Charles sent me a text to tell me that Audrey finally worked up the courage to walk. She was taking some steps at the beach but now she is toddling all over the place. Apparently she walked over to her book case and retrieved this book....The Truth About Poop.

We have always teased Charles because he had a Poop obsession when he was a little boy. Apparently Audrey shares his fascination.

And in Hoover, Margaret was working to earn a Baby Alive Doll. Katy reported that Margaret completed a page full of chores in ONE Day so she could purchase this baby doll.

Baby Alive was on sale so she had extra money for that other set of twin dolls. This girl loves dolls. One day she will be a great mama.

And here in Decatur..
Landon and my bonus grand, Hudson, are two cool dudes. They are the same age and really do love each other. Landon is surrounded by girls most of the time so he is glad for a brother.

So there you have a little tour of Nagaland this week. Stay tuned tomorrow for my latest painting project...a pink flamingo!


Jedidja said...

Love to see your beautiful kleinkinderen!

Heather said...

I love to see your grands! Thanks for sharing!

Terri D said...

That book is so funny!! When we were in New Orleans, back in May, we saw that book in the window of a store and I actually took a picture of it because we thought it was so funny!! Now I want to read it!! What a hoot!! I enjoyed your update and all the pictures!!

Mari said...

It looks like all the grands are doing well and happy too! They are all cuties!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for humoring this Nana...:)

Arlene Grimm said...

And grands are part German...that might count for their good