Friday, July 8, 2016

Gifts for your Hosts

Today's post is a longer one so it will be for today and tomorrow. We are headed to Memphis this afternoon to visit Lee and Lanier. Great niece, Dottie, turns 4 and we will attend her birthday party. Uncle Marvin is her favorite uncle so she says. Of course, Uncle Marvin loves that.  Whenever I travel to spend time with friends or family,  being a true Southern Girl, I do not show up empty handed. I always take some treats for our hosts. I am taking something for Lee and something for Lanier as I want them each to have a  happy of their own.  ( They do not read my blog so I can share it here without ruining the surprise.)

Gifts for a guy are always hard to come up with but thanks to our Mennonite Grocery Store, I found just the things to take to my brother in law.

I found a gift bag for $1.47 at Walmart! Everything will fit nicely into the bright blue bag.

We love spiced pecans here in the South. They are so yummy! And the Dutch Oven makes them so I do not have to spend time in a hot kitchen, stirring hot sugar.

The Sour Dough bread is perfection. My
husband loves their popcorn. It has smaller kernels than the kind you will find in the grocery store. It is also more tender. I got Lee a Sample bag so he could try it.

Chocolate covered peanuts and some fair trade coffee from El Salvador.   What is not to like about this gift bag.

Lanier is a Jane for Matilda Jane and I often purchase cute file folders for her when I see them in the dollar aisle at Target. I try to get folders that look like Matilda Jane prints.  When I was shopping in Hobby Lobby recently I found the perfect bin to hold her MJ folders. And it was on sale for 66% off so it was a real bargain.

I found the L in the gift wrap section at Target for $1. I painted it with some pink melon craft  paint and tied it to the bin. I found the cute jar at Walmart, perfect for adding pens, scissors etc.

I found this cute coffee cup at Cracker Barrel. I try to keep my eye out for gifts for my gift closet when I see things on sale. And it seems that they come in handy when putting together a happy for a special person. I will admit that the tissue paper is recycled. And it matched my theme perfectly.

I also added a notebook, book marks and some hard candies to enjoy when working on Matilda Jane orders. I found that cute internet password book at Lifeway. On sale for $3, I may go back for some more for my gift closet. I have all my passwords on Evernote on my phone and what would I do if I lost my phone? Better to have them written down and put away for safety purposes.

Here they are all ready to go. You might notice two Christmas ornaments in Lanier's happy. I have made this same type of ornament for Lanier over the years and I needed to do one for Buddy and Mae. Now I have her caught up on Christmas ornaments. I have several sheets of that paper that I keep on hand for future grands. This ornament is so simple. I purchased the ceramic rounds at Hobby Lobby for one dollar. I use mod lodge to add scrap book paper to the front. Then  add glitter stick on letters for the grandchild's name. On the back of each ornament is the child's full name and date of birth...written with a red Sharpie.  Feel free to use this idea...It is easy and cute.

Today I will stop by Mel's Sweet Treats and get a pretty decorated cookie for my five great nieces and nephews who are old enough to eat cookies! It is never too early to begin that campaign to be the favorite aunt or uncle!!


Sandy said...

You are a gift giver indeed. I am never ever that creative. I love both!!! Have a fun weekend.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I do more for Lanier as she has been so generous in sharing her MJ samples with my girlies. And Lee cooks us delicious meals when we visit. But I do enjoy giving happies to my friends. It is my love language.

Terri D said...

Let's see....our entire month of August is free. When can you come for a visit?!!!! You really have some great ideas, Arlene! Any host or hostess would be thrilled with your wonderful gifts!!

Mari said...

I'm sure they will love the gifts! Such a nice idea. I love the password book. I'm going to see if I can find it.

Mari said...

I can't find that password book - maybe they sold out. :(