Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Girls

Well one thing I have learned this week....I do not have the energy of a 10 year old and a six year old. These girls make me wish I was young again!! I am hoping they will sleep in a bit this morning so I can get a few things done. And Aunt Mimi( Amelia) has invited Margaret over to swim and to spend the afternoon today so I can go to lunch with my friends and do a few errands. Kendall will go to her Dad's today but he will bring her to spend tomorrow night so we can get on the road for Montgomery on Saturday morning.

Margaret brought some friends with her!!

She chose Chic Fil A for dinner on Tuesday night.

I think the ice cream in exchange for the book in the kids meal made Chic Fil A first choice.

Bedtime  book choices were Goodnight Darth Vader and Goodnight Gorilla.

Wednesday was a shopping day. We went to Madison and Decatur in search of back to school things. And we had to find a pair of shoes for Margaret.

We found these cute sandals to match Margaret's Matilda Jane outfit for the play on Saturday.

Kendall got two dresses, a pair of sandals and some locker supplies for school. This will be her first year to have a locker for storage. Being her Nana's granddaughter, she is all about decorating it just so.

Margaret found a Shimmer and Shine back pack and a Power Puff Girls lunch box for the new school year. We also found a Shimmer and Shine book that had STICKERS!!

Last night Kendall read Goodnight Darth Vader to Margaret. Kendall loves Star Wars and is planning to be Ray for Halloween.

Well I hear someone stirring so I better go and get some breakfast for the girlies. Have a blessed day.


Sandy said...

Just looking at that one picture of what Kendall got for school lets me know she is growing up. She is going to be teenager looking very soon. Hold on to her...

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh Sandy, I know! I cannot believe she is as GROWNY as she is. She has been a big help with keeping Margaret entertained. I am trying to enjoy these years because when so many children become teenagers they are not interested in being with Nana and Grandpa.

Jedidja said...

What a nice photos and stuff. I love the sandals.

Terri D said...

Great photos. The girls are beautiful and I know they are enjoying their time with you! Taking them shopping is what our granddaughter told us was "spoiling". She will even now say, "Let the spoiling begin!" When we get together and she is 26 now! LOL It's what grandmas are for.

Arlene Grimm said...

Jedidja, we are having a good visit. Terri, Nana is my name, Spoiling is my Game.

Mari said...

It's so fun to spoil them, have fun together and make memories. You are making good ones!

Arlene Grimm said...

Mari I had a great time with Margaret but I was glad Aunt Mimi babysat a while yesterday. I ate lunch and came home and laid down on the sofa for a while. lol

Barbara said...

I know, I know. I think I have used up a year's supply of energy this summer. We haven't started school supplies yet. I confess I get that school shopping urge when I see all the supplies.