Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Greats

In addition to be a blessed Nana I am a blessed Great Aunt. I have 15 great nieces and nephews on my husband's side of the family . And we have one more on the way as  Ella joins the family in August.

My oldest greats are Sarah and Allison. Sarah is 13 and Allison is 10. Here they are on their summer vacation to the great state of Alaska. These girls are quite the fisherwomen. They caught some big salmon. Their dad goes fishing in Alaska once a year and takes along some of his clients so he was glad to share this experience with his daughters.

You have heard me mention Lee and Lanier and their 13 grandchildren who are all under 7 years old. Well here they are...

This was taken last week when they were on vacation. The older girlie on the sofa is my niece, Gabby, who is 8. The rest belong to Lee and Lanier. The girls are all wearing Matilda Jane as they were dressed up for a photo op on the beach.  Babies Buddy and Mae are missing in this picture.

Here is the whole crowd....quite the big family!!

It is neat to see our family growing with all these younguns. Tomorrow I will share some of the latest pictures of my own grands!


Sandy said...

Those dresses are adorable. I love the beach photo. I have been thinking I need to do a family photo. It has been a while.

Tif Nichols Fannin said...

Children are such a blessing, aren't they? It's amazing to see how families grow and expand. I love following along with you and you family on Facebook:)


Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, Lanier always has her family dress in coordinating outfits. I am just happy to get pictures of my family in ordinary clothes when we make ours in December. Hoping this year we will make the pictures at our new little house. Tif, you are so sweet. One of the blessings of aging is seeing so many things come to pass and seeing the generation who will carry on!

Mari said...

It's such a blessing to have a lot of family and to have a good relationship with them. These pictures are sweet, and I love the little girls dresses!

Terri D said...

Big families are such a blessing!! Pictures full of beautiful people!!