Friday, July 15, 2016

The Stream

It is Friday and I have no particular post in mind so we will just swim along together in my stream of consciousness.

1.Nice....I only heard about the tragedy there this morning when I got up. I am concerned for my friend, Susan, who is on a River Cruise in the South of France. I hope she and Dave are safely on board the boat.  And I am worried about the Olympics. I see this worldwide sporting event as the perfect target for ISIS. We really need to pray for our country and our world. Update...Susan just posted on Facebook that Bastille Day has a whole new meaning for her today. So glad she is safe.

2. I enjoyed a lovely meal last night with my Titus Ladies Group. Sharon prepared a lovely salad supper for five and we had such fun, laughing and talking and eating. I made a Chocolate Trifle for dessert and it was yummy.  I am known for trying out new recipes at special events. So far it has worked out for me. Sharon sent me home with some delicious mushroom soup that I will enjoy over the weekend. I will share both recipes next week.

3. In addition to a heavy heart for France, I am praying for Kayleigh, the granddaughter of our friends. She was air lifted off the Disney Cruise and taken to Miami for surgery to relieve the pressure in her brain.  If you want to read more of her story you can find updates at Prayers for Kayleigh on Facebook.

4. I took another trip to the Mennonite Grocery yesterday. It was such a pretty morning. The farms looked pristine if in need of some rain. While driving down a road deep in the country I saw a mailbox with a purple ribbon on it. All over the area, people have placed purple bows to remember to pray for Kayleigh.  It touched my heart that even in terrible times, there are people praying for one another.

5. And in the afternoon, what did I hear but Thunder!! We are in dire need of rain and we are thankful to God for the good rain we got yesterday. This morning there is a nice breeze so the rain seems to have cooled down the temps a bit too.

6. I am looking forward to some time with Margaret next week. We will pick her up on Tuesday and take her home on Saturday. Marvin and I are taking Kendall and Margaret to see Beauty and The Beast on Saturday. I am hoping they have a good time and will remember this weekend fondly as they grow up. I think Grandpa is planning a Braves game excursion for Ben, Charles and Landon. Charles is not a big baseball fan but he likes spending time with the Grimm Mens Club.

7 We are off to north Georgia to speak with our "Dozer Man". He will complete the driveway and the site preparation so that our little house can become a reality. Maybe it will be done by Thanksgiving.

Have a good weekend dear friends...


Terri D said...

Well, that's pretty exciting that you have target Thanksgiving for having the cabin done!! Sounds like you will have a very fun week ahead. It's so great that the little ones are close enough to plan special outings that they will remember and treasure!

Mari said...

The France situation is such a tragedy, and now I hear about the military coup in Turkey. Sad things going on...
Sounds like you have fun ahead!

Linda said...

I am so excited about ALL of your plans - but especially the one about your little house!!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I haven't posted much this week. I've been so sad about all the troubles here and abroad. I hope you have a lovely weekend with the grands!