Friday, September 23, 2016

A Goal Met

One of my goals for this year was to meet a blog friend in person.  Knowing I would be in the vicinity of Sandy's hometown, we made plans to meet up in Pensacola. You can find Sandy on my blog roll, I Majored in Home Economics.  We both enjoy cross stitch and purses along with some other things. I often read Sandy's blog and think, she must be my secret sister!!

Marvin was a good sport and drove me over to Pensacola where we met Sandy at The Tin Cow.

What a neat restaurant in the old part of Pensacola. As we walked up the sidewalk, I spotted Sandy immediately.

We are both Silver Foxes...rocking our silver locks. We were laughing about the newest trend among young people as they want silver hair too. We both agreed that they need to enjoy their youth and not rush the silver!

We had a wonderful time talking and sharing. Marvin found out that Sandy knows a work colleague of his who went to school with Sandy. It is a small world. Sandy and I talked about our current cross stitch projects and how we have to limit our Floss tube watching! We also agreed that we are more project cross stitchers in that we like to finish a piece at a time.  Many of the floss tubers have about 8 or more projects going at one time. That would make me anxious and cross stitching is what I use to calm myself down!!

Purses were discussed and I had to show Sandy my new hot pink Vera Bradley I found at the outlet in Foley. She was carrying a pretty Spartina bag in Auburn colors.

Sandy was just as sweet and genuine as she is on her blog!  We were laughing at some of our family members who are a bit skeptical of meeting someone you know only online.  The ladies who I count as blog friends are not a scary bunch at all.  I have promised Whitney at Come Home for Comfort that I will meet up with her the next time we visit family in Brevard. Terri D at Your Friend From Florida has offered to drive up to visit  some time when I am in Gulf Shores.  And that would be quite a drive for her so I appreciate that. Leslie Anne Tarabella wants to meet in Fairhope next year as well.  I long to go back to New England and the next time I do I want to meet Mrs T at Across My Kitchen Table who has been a long time blog friend.  Once our little house is done, I am determined to meet Mildred  at Mildred's Blog, who is another sweet blog friend and prayer warrior for my family. She lives in driving distance to our little house.  So maybe I can just cross off several names on my list next year. Do you think my friend, Martha Stewart would like a visit?:) Somehow I do not think she would be as welcoming as these other ladies!!

Well it is our last day in Gulf Shores and we plan to get in some beach time before we pack up the car and head back to NoAla. It has been a wonderful relaxing week.  This yearly trip  always gets me ready for the busy fall season!


Sandy said...

It was wonderful meeting up, and yes, we need to get Leslie in on this next year in Fairhope. I love driving over there. My daughter and I go over there at least once a year to shop in all the quaint little shops. And wouldn't meeting Susan Branch be the fun! Hey, we can dream:)
I should be packing the truck right now.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, let's make that happen next year. And who knows if Martha or Susan contact me I will be sure and take you along!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tina said...

So neat that you got to meet a blog friend! And I agree it would be great to meet Susan Branch in person... we can dream, right? I love your outfit in the above pic, it's so cute! Have a great weekend!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

I need to butt in to say, "Good for you." Mrs Britain and I met up with a good blog friend and her husband from the US when they were over. It felt a little odd on the way - perhaps a bit like I imagine an internet date (though not, obviously) - but we got on like a house on fire when we met and had a great time. I have subsequently met up with Mr Blog Friend again, and son of Blog Friend too. Friends from the ether was not a benefit I anticipated when embarking on this project; an unexpected bonus.

Terri D said...

Arlene, this time next year I will (hopefully) be retired and will be able to make that drive up to visit with you at Gulf Shores! I LOVE meeting my blogging friends in person and have yet to be disappointed. We have gathered a good bunch here, I think! So happy you got to meet Sandy. I will have to visit her blog! Safe travels home!!

Mildred said...

So happy to see photos of your visit with Sandy. I have met several blog friends and it is like we have known one another forever! Look forward to meeting you two! Have an enjoyable weekend.

doodles n daydreams said...

How lovely to meet blog friends, sounds like you had a great time together.
Enjoy your weekend.


Arlene Grimm said...

Ladies and Mike, you are all so kind and I know it would be a pleasure to meet each and every one of you!! The internet can be a scary place so I understand some people being a bit shy about meeting in person but I had no qualms at all about meeting up with Sandy. ( She is a Sunday school teacher after all!!) I hope I have more names to add to this list next year.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, how delightful! I'd love to meet you one day. ♥

Summer said...

You too look cute. How nice that you got to meet each other in person ♥

Mrs.T said...

What fun, Arlene! So happy you could meet! Looks like a really fun time, and isn't it nice that your hubby even knows someone who went to school with Sandy. A small world indeed.

So interesting learning about your cross stitch projects too!

Yes, by all means, if you get to New England, I would love for us to meet up for a meal or ice cream. Like yours, my hubby is a good sport and would be happy to do something like this. Although I have not yet met any actual bloggers (other than people I already know), I have met a lady who I connected with via blogging. She was in New England for a visit with family and we met to have lunch and do some shopping together. It felt a little odd driving off to meet her that first time, but we enjoyed our meeting and have since gotten together several times.