Friday, September 2, 2016

Cracker Barrel Christmas

The girls and I met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday and when I walked into the store, I thought I was in a Winter Wonderland.  They did have some autumnal displays but Christmas was very heavily merchandized for the first day of September.

One of the more colorful trees topped by

A happy Santa and a Merry Christmas banner.

I liked this Woodland Christmas tree with cardinals peeking out. I know one of my readers is very  fond of cardinals so I know she would enjoy this tree.

There were a few Autumnal displays...

I love this little owl tea pot.

And some sweet smelling potpourri.

I thought this was funny. By the way I cannot drive a stick but maybe I could fly on one.

And so glad to see children of all ages still enjoy the Great Pumpkin.

Football teams were represented. Roll Tide!!

Maybe I will get this for Ben.

I really liked this little sign...

And another sign that we should all give heed to!

Here in Nanaland, I am having an online Matilda Jane party for my sis in law, Lanier#1034.  Here is the sweater I purchased for fall.

I love Turquoise.  if you feel so inclined, visit and see if you see something you would like!  Right now they are also offering some cute lunch boxes and Bento boxes along with clothes for everyone from babies to Nanas.

And it is Football Season. Georgia Tech plays tomorrow.

My Football is in place. ( Pardon the glare on this picture!!).  No big plans for Labor Day. Marvin and I will celebrate by sleeping in and eating Hamburgers for lunch!!

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Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

It must be the best job in the world to be the buyer for Cracker Barrel's gift shops!

Sandy said...

Ok, I was already to ask if you saw those cute little cardinal plates, but then I scrolled to the end and was reminded of your teal door. Arlene, that color is amazing with your bricks. I am going to have to show that to Lindsay. Her bricks are similar and they don't like their green door. Tyler had suggested black, but I know Lindsay would love yours. And yes, football season is here. Lindsay and Tyler are taking his parents to the game this weekend. Paul Allen did manage to snag some also, so Jeff and I are just gonna stay home and rest.
I love that witches sign. We have a very old stick shift Jeep. Tyler was astounded that I knew how to drive one when we first got it. I told him anyone my age or older probably knew how. :)

Mrs.T said...

Is that a white squirrel near the top of that woodland Christmas tree? I loved the "Leave a Little Sparkle" sign. Fun! Is that "Count Your Blessings" item the potpourri package? Pretty. I have often thought I would like to work in Cracker Barrel's country store. Love the things they carry! Just don't get to CB often enough.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love to see the new seasonal things at Cracker Barrel. It really puts you in the mood for decorating! I need a football for my front door...or a BIG star! I'm a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan! Have been since the '60s! Hugs, Diane

Terri D said...

Your GT football looks GREAT on your door! Love it. Cracker Barrell has amazing stuff, but I'm just not ready for Christmas decorations yet. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm sleeping in too! Yes!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I'm hoping to head over to Cracker Barrel next week to have lunch with my daughter. Thank you for the shopping preview! Last year they had a display of woodland creature plates & such and I really wanted them but they were gone the next time I visited. I lived without them :-)

Any day eating hamburgers is a day worth celebrating!

Mari said...

I love Cracker Barrel! The food is good, and it's fun to shop too. :)
I love the color of your door too!