Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Decor

I finally got out my fall decor this week. I did dial it back a bit from previous years and I left my Thanksgiving things upstairs so I can switch them out on November 1st.

On my coffee table tray.  I found little teeth marks on one of the pumpkins and remembered that last year Baylor took a bite of one. :) If you love eye candy, Southern Lady magazine is for you. It is my favorite magazine right now with HGTV magazine coming in second.

And this piece found a home in the bathroom.

Sorry for the tilt but I was having a hard time getting a picture without a lot of glare. This hangs in the hallway with my Christmas village. I keep them up all year.

A little basket in the guest room.

My tea cart decorated for fall.  The lace is a piece from France, a gift from my sweet friend, Susan.

I found this for $5 at Kirklands. And if I get tired of it I can put scrapbook paper over the front and add a cross stitch piece.

A cross stitch I did years ago but it is still a favorite.

These little fabric pumpkins were a MOPs project last year. All you need is a circle of fabric, stuffing, a stick and some crinkle fill.  I got to teach some of the MOPs how to do a running stitch and then pull it tight. I may make some more of these.

The dining room table. That yard sale turquoise stand comes in handy. It looks nice with the harvest colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match. And the polka dot paper was a left over from the wedding shower we did in May.

The breakfast bar...Another old Prairie Schooler sampler, When Witches Go Riding.

Sis, Leta, gave me this cute dish towel for the stove.

These jolly jacks brighten my kitchen counter.

And my tiny punkin sits by pictures of my favorite people.

I love happy jacks! This fella has been in my collection for years. After Halloween, I simply turn him around!!

My hutch....My JOLLY JACK cross stitch is displayed here.  I love blue and green but orange goes well with those colors too.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Carol said...

Your fall decor looks so warm and welcoming, Arlene! I especially love the two large PS pieces--just wonderful :) Why I haven't stitched them yet is beyond me--I have the charts, just need more time...

Enjoy this fall season and the cooler temperatures!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

It's all lovely, but my favorite has to be the simple little basket of fall foliage on the guest bed post! What a special touch of beauty for your pampered guests!

Tif Nichols Fannin said...

Such perfect fall decor! I love your crosstitch pieces soooo much! Also love your little pumpkin you made--what a neat idea! You should do a tutorial on how to do it on here!!!


Arlene Grimm said...

Carol, I cannot resist Prairie Schooler!! I have some big samplers planned for next year. Leslie Anne, I love that little basket too. At Christmas I fill it with greenery and Christmas ornaments. Tif, if I make some more of those, I will post a tutorial. They are super easy.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the decorations on your breakfast bar. And the black book case is perfect for displaying pretties and changing them up. Of course your cross stitch creations are the prize winner! They are gorgeous! And I had fun seeing the progress on your little house. I know you are having fun visiting and also seeing pics of what's happening day to day! Enjoy your morning! Hugs!

Arlene Grimm said...

Diane, thank you for your kind words...I always admire your beautiful sewing skills. Creative activities always make me feel closer to God. I am hoping the little house will be done by Thanksgiving.

Sandy said...

I can't pick a favorite. They all look wonderful. The cross stitching is perfect. I love the ones on your breakfast bar. Your jack-o-lanterns are so cute. I need more of those in my decor. Southern Lady is definitely my favorite magazine these days. It has replaced Southern Living for me. I am not sure what happened there. Did I just get old? Anyway all of your vignettes are adorable. I was trying to hold out until the first official day of autumn, but you have tempted me beyond any chance of waiting unless I am just too busy to get it out which has been the case the last couple of days.

Mrs.T said...

Just beautiful, Arlene! I especially love the large fall cross stitch with the covered bridge and village. You have done SO many lovely cross stitch pieces! I need to get out some of my UFOs and USOs (un-started objects!) to work on. I have at least 2 lovely kits that my daughter has given me that I haven't even opened.

I have resisted putting my fall decor out so far. It has been so warm up here that it just doesn't feel like fall, and I like to wait until the first day of fall to decorate. We will see! I will probably change out a few things before that.

Mari said...

Everything looks so nice! You are way ahead of me, but you've inspired me to get a little done. We are about to have our living room painted, so most everything is pulled out of the room at the moment. When I put it back, I can add Fall to the decor!

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I agree with you about Southern Living. It has gone downhill for sure. Mrs T, I understand your reluctance to bid summer goodbye. I did see a Pumpkin in your Wilds post. We have not seen any down here yet. Probably will arrive in the stores in the next week or so. Mari...what color are you painting your living room? We have lived in our house almost 8 years and I am thinking painting is in our future.

Terri D said...

Everything looks so pretty and fall-festive!! I have a ceramic jack-o-lantern that I also turn around after Halloween! Our cats would think the house was full of new toys if I tried to decorate like that!! Within a half day, most of the decorations would be on the floor, I'm afraid! Hoping Baylor doesn't try to take a bite out of another pumpkin this year! How fun to display that memory, though!!

Anonymous said...

I love your fall decor, Arlene! Just the right amount of tasteful, natural elements with some cute jacko lanterns added in. I just don't understand how so many are going over the top with the gory, dark Halloween decor. And so many young mothers are doing this!
I don't want to sound like a prude, but the older I get, I just question why would you bring this stuff into your home?? and expose your children to it? I even saw one last year that exchanges their framed family photos to photos that have been doctored so that their faces have a ghoulish, creepy look to them. I couldn't believe it!

I love your seasonal cross stitch, too!