Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Coffee Day

Today is national coffee day and I am sitting here with my Big Beautiful A mug that daughter, Amelia gifted me.  While I love coffee none of my children drink it....I guess I failed somewhere along the way!  My mother gave us milk coffee for breakfast from the time we were little. Mostly milk but it gave me a taste for the delicious brew.  I can remember going to my Grandmother Tankersley's house and she always had evaporated milk for cream and what  a treat that was!! If I run out of Half and Half I always have a can in the pantry for emergencies. Right now my coffee of choice is McDonalds McCafe Premium Roast.  It is also 30 Something Day. 29 years ago the television show, Thirtysomethibng, made its debut. Marvin and I were 30 something back then and we watched that show every week. While the characters were much more liberal than we were, we understood many of the plots relating to marriage and childrearing.  The character, Nancy Westin, was my favorite. Patricia Wetting is a great actress and played that character as no one else could. Nancy was married to Elliott and it is funny to me that I have a DIL named Nancy and a grandson named Elliott!!

Moving on...

I worked in my garden yesterday and pulled up all the impatiens. We have turned off the sprinklers so I thought it was time for them to go. Pink just doesn't go with a fall wreath and a wooden pumpkin by the front door.

I am also a fan of Peterboro baskets from Peterboro NH.  I got an email yesterday that their Halloween basket is being released and they offered a 20% off coupon so of course I had to order one.  I opted for the one with the Jackolantern face.  It may go to the little house in Georgia .

And one last photo...

Landon has lost both his upper front teeth so he had to act like his apple would be a good substitute. It is so funny to hear him speak with no teeth. Maybe he will get his two front teeth for Christmas.:) We thought he ws never going to lose them. He will be 8 in October so most of his friends already have their big boy teeth.  He reminds me so much of Marvin's childhood pictures...sweet.

It is friend day but Deb is just returning home today from vacation so Susan and I are going to be good and have a Kale Ceasar Salad at Panera. Really we LOVE that salad.  I am going to check out Target since I am going to be nearby. Then I plan to come home and work on some finishes for two cross stitch pieces.  It will be a busy day! Hope all of you have a good one as well.


Sandy said...

Your wreath is so pretty. It is still hot here, so I really am having trouble motivating myself to see about my much neglected flowers. They are all wilted anyway from heat and no rain.
I still love that front door color!!!
Those baskets are so cute. Never heard of them before.

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

I didn't know it was National Coffee Day (and, frankly, have never heard of it). Who decides these things? Coffee suppliers, maybe... Is this just a US thing? - I haven't come across it over here in Blighty. Love the Jack o' Lantern basket. And there was an old song, "All I want for Christmas is me two front teeth..."!

Mrs.T said...

Sounds like a lovely day ahead, Arlene! I hope the day will come when I can take time to sit and stitch (and that my eyesight will hold out so I can enjoy it!)

It's a cool crisp day and just beautiful. Our fall foliage is just getting started.

I didn't realize that this was national coffee day. Don't give up on your children drinking coffee. Both of my parents drank it and my mother, in particular loved coffee. I always loved the way it smelled but not the way it tasted. I began drinking coffee on a mission trip (can't remember how old I was, but my kids were teenagers) because we were served it in people's homes and I didn't want to be rude. Now I LOVE coffee. So the day may come when your kids enjoy it.

When you do get to New England, you can visit Peterborough and the basket factory! I remember that my mother shopped there a few times.

Tina said...

I loved the show "Thirtysomething" too! Everyone I worked with at the time watched it and the day after the character Gary died we were all in shock! Hard to believe it's been 29 years! Hope you have a great friend lunch and trip to Target! You are amazing with all the cross stitch pieces you finish...I seem to be always "in process" ;-)

Terri D said...

Your front door looks great! That basket will be great for the little house! I know you are enjoying your day!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, Happy Coffee Day to you! Your front porch has such a welcoming autumn look. I've not heard of those baskets before. I will have to check them out. ♥

Anonymous said...

Mama gave me coffee with cream when I was little, too. Coffee is one of the few things John and I have not had to give up YET! I love McCafe coffee too. Dollar General had it on sale last week.
I love your front door, the wreath and pumpkin. The color of your door is gorgeous. Did you tell me you might have a red door at your little GA home? We are still waiting on our contractor to put 17 more coats of paint on ours! lol lol
Just tonight, I purchased Kale Salad from the Amish bakery. It is absolutely delicious - I was shocked. I laughed and told John that since kale is supposed to be so good for you, that I felt like I could hike down the mtn. to Walmart tonight! lol
I know you enjoy lunch with a friend and I hope you enjoyed your cross stitching too. Have a wonderful night. Very cute photo of Landon.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

My plans to have a salad when I eat out are always thwarted when I step in and smell all the other good things. Good luck with that!

Arlene Grimm said...

As always, thanks for all the comments!! I managed to use extreme discipline and I ate my kale salad for lunch and avoid the free donut and coffee at Krispy Kreme!! Mildred I am still hoping for a red front door! Mike, you caught me..that was the song I was referencing when I posted about Landon's toothlessness!:) And thanks for the compliments on my front door color. It is a peacock blue/green from Sherwin Williams.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Yes Arlene since yesterday was national coffee day my husband and I went to Dunkin Donuts had coffee and split a donut!! Yay! I hope you enjoy the weekend. :)
Julie xo