Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pictures from Nanaland

I have a few random pictures to share today.  So this will be a bit of a stream post.  And can I ask why my computer wants to change Nanaland to Nagaland every time I type that word?  That is just aggravating.

Thanks to Amelia, Kendall and Landon my toes are beach ready! I had a lovely gift card to Kama Salon that I received for Mothers Day and my Birthday.( they are just one week a part.) I had damaged BOTH of my big toes last fall and they have just now grown back in and look presentable.  I lost one nail due to a fall while running from wasps. ( Now that is a sight I am sure you would like to see!)  And about one month later I dropped a pitcher on my other big toe. So I lost both nails and it takes about six months for a nail to grow back in case you are interested.  I chose this pretty nude color from OPI for my beach trip.  And I must say, pedicures rank right up there with massages in my book.

I have been making snacks to take to the beach ....cheese straws are a favorite of ours to nibble on as we sit on our beach chairs, reading a good book and sipping iced tea. I also make my Autumn mix of equal amounts of fall M&Ms, Candy Corn and Peanuts.  And my final snack was home made Chex mix. I always jazz mine up a bit by adding  to the amounts of seasoning. I looked up the original recipe online last Christmas and it was just so bland when it was done. I knew I had to adjust the amounts...expecially the Worcestershire Sauce.   I also packed a few sweet treats and we are ready for a fun week.

I ordered a needle minder to use in my cross stitching and it was driving me crazy positioned on my material. I came up with the idea to just stick it on my magnifier. Now it is PERFECT. I can find my needles and the needle minder is not in my way. Best of all no needles in the floor, on the sofa or lost beyond discovery.  I am almost done with this Prairie Schooler  KNOCK KNOCK. Then I will work on a Christmas Prairie Schooler.  I have found a new website to drool over...123 Cross Stitch. This online store allows you to make a wish list and mine is a mile long!!

And it is sheathed in!! Now we have to wait for the roof trusses which have been ordered but we are pleased with how it is coming along.

Off to have lunch with Susan today. Deborah had an appointment she could not cancel so it will just be the two of us at a local eatery for lunch.  Then tonight is painting with Amelia at the Hartselle Rec Center as my countdown to Beach Time continues.


Sandy said...

Busy bee you are. I suspect that the toe thing was quite painful as well. Hurts me to think of it.
Love al the stitching. I have a few projects up my sleeve.
I order from 123 all the time as I have no real solution. They are really good. Just got two new projects in from this week.
See you soon:)

Terri D said...

Your toes look GREAT!! My feet are a mess. I got an infection that put me in the hospital last time I had a pedicure (at an upscale day spa, no less) so I have been afraid to try one again. The house is really coming along nicely! Seeing the roof on will really be exciting! Have a good lunch and I know you will have a blast at the beach. Do keep us posted please!

Carol said...

Love those cheese straws! And your needleminder solution is great--such a cute PS piece. Glad you've discovered 123 Stitch--that is my "go-to" source, too--such amazingly fast delivery!

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I have found that 123 Stitch has a lot of patterns I have been looking for. And I just love browsing that site. Terri, my toes look good for now.:) She did a wonderful job. And I am very leary as well, being an old nurse. I have found that Kama is very reliable. Carol I admit I ate a few as I was baking the cheese straws. I always try to use my LNS first but she does not carry all these patterns. And I always live in fear that she will retire and I will be up the creek.:)

Linda said...

I am so excited for you! You have so MANY happy things going on and to look forward to! Your toes are, indeed, beach pretty! Have fun and take lots of pics. I would LOVE to be going to a beach!!!

Mari said...

Your toes look good! I just had a pedicure too and my feet look much better. :)
The house is looking great!