Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Stream

It's been a slow week here at Nanaland so I will just share some things that are floating in my stream of consciousness.

1. Work continues on our little house. The Floor Joists were put in yesterday and I hope it is completed today and framing can begin. We are going over there on Friday to see the progress and I get to choose a color of green for our metal roof.  I am leaning more to a blue green...I am hoping there is a shade that will meet with my approval.

2. I found a Jane Austen adult coloring book at Target the other day. The grands and I are still enjoying our coloring!

3. I know many of you pray for Baylor so it is time for an update. He seems more focused and we feel his new therapists are doing a good job with him. He is also continuing the Geminni  speech program online. Katy reported that they have discovered Baylor can talk when he needs to but he sees speech as a last resort. As his therapist put it, "he is playing us". I have thought that myself.:)  We are beginning to realize that if he is to be mainstreamed next year, it will take lots of progress in several areas.  And a Ruby update. Katy says Ruby is making a lot of progress and is becoming an important part of their  family.  Her training has been more sporadic in the last few months as the trainer's young wife became very ill and passed away recently. Be praying for this young man...they were newlyweds when she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder.  It is a very sad situation.  Katy and Ben have encouraged him to take the time he needs for himself.

4.Well I caved and put out my fall decor yesterday. After finishing some of my cross stitch pieces, I could not just put them away until October.  And Floss Tube continues to encourage me with my stitching. I found 123 Cross Stitch online and ordered several old Prairie Schooler patterns. One is a nativity that I had been searching for a long time!!  So I have enough projects to work on for at least six months.

5. I spent some time yesterday making more of those cute ribbon bedecked paper clips.  This would be a great project for a child to do for their teacher.  So many people have gone back to planners, versus using their phones.  I think most women love a pretty notebook.  It helps me to see things written down in front of me! Some of my MOPs moms are members of groups who get together once a month to work on their planners.

6.One of the things I have been trying to be more intentional in is Prayer. I had gotten rather lax about praying diligently for my friends and family. So I purchased a notebook and divided it up into specific people and petitions.  It has really helped me to spend some focused time in prayer.  And it seems as if many of my friends are going through some difficult times that call for prayer.

7. Today is friend day. We are picking up sandwiches at the Mennonite bakery/ grocery and heading to Deborah's house in the country for lunch. I plan to do some grocery shopping while I am there.  Then I have a hair appointment and dinner to take to a single man in our Sunday School Class who took quite the tumble last week while doing some home maintenance.  Thankfully he was not seriously injured. Be careful on ladders people.

Hope all of you have a blessed day!!


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, you sound so busy with your grandkids and with your crafting and your other house. You certainly keep yourself real busy!! Enjoy the week.

Sandy said...

I always enjoy your little streams. I have had to take a breather form the plugged world this week to get my house back in order from the summer, so that has kept any desire to put out fall. I am loving everyone's pictures though. I say do what makes you happy!
Continued prayers for Baylor. You are right about the notebook for prayer. I did that many years ago, then fell away from it, but I have been back at that since retirement. There are so many needs out there, many of which I can do nothing about but pray. I can do that though.
So excited about your house and your stitching.

Linda said...

It was wonderful catching up with what's going on with you and yours. I have a prayer journal that I have not kept up with lately. I need to record the requests and the answers instead of just praying from memory.

Arlene Grimm said...

Julie I am trying to keep busy!! I tend to be a bit lazy and I am trying to improve. Sandy, I tend to lose focus without my prayer journal and it is so encouraging to see the answers when they come. I am looking forward to our beach week. I look forward to meeting up with you! I do feel we have so much in common!! are right, it is good to have a notebook. And girl, I need your address so I can mail you your garden flag.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am trying to put out just a little Fall decor but it's hard not to go all out. Right now I have Fall candles out! I wish I lived closer to a the sound of that coloring book! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

Mari said...

I'm thankful for the good report on Baylor. That little stinker, playing with you like that!
I like your prayer journal idea. I need to get back to writing things down too, or I forget.

Terri D said...

I am so happy to get a Baylor update! I enjoyed your stream and would not have been able to put those pretty fall decorations away either. Glad you went for it!!