Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Stream

I am adding a few pictures to the stream today....jump on in while the water's warm.

1. We were eating Ice Cream at Matt's Homemade Ice Cream in Gulf Shores and as we were leaving we came across this sign...

Old Guys Rule...the older I get the better I was is written in small print!  If you are wondering what flavors of Ice Cream we enjoyed...Creole Praline was voted the best by both of us. We visited Matt's two times and also tried Toffee, Glazed Donut and Chocolate.  Now we know where to go for the best ice cream  at the beach.

2. I got in some stitching at the beach and since this photo was made I have finished about 3/4 of the project.

I just love Prairie Schooler. I managed to find a very old P S sampler of the nativity. I had been looking everywhere for it but finally found it at 123 Cross Stitch. I am going to Cross Stitch Peddler today to get the fabric and threads for it! I doubt it will be finished by this Christmas but I live in hope. I am also working on some baby bibs as a gift for my sis in law, Lanier. She has three baby grands and she wanted some personalized bibs for them to use at her house.  And lastly I am working on an ornament for Audrey.  So I am trying to get a lot of stitching time in. If only I could stitch and walk at the same time I would get in my 10,000 steps and finish my projects.

3  Progress on the little house is slow as we wait for trusses to be delivered this week. We are having a cathedral ceiling in the living area and that required trusses. However we did get the power lines in last week.

4. One of the things I love about coming home from vacation is sorting through all my mail. I got several magazines, some catalogs and two sweet thank you notes. One was from Linda at Linda's Life Journal and the other was from Whitney at Come Home for Comfort. I love getting snail mail!!

5. We attended Landon's last soccer game last night. They came in 3rd in their league. Landon has really improved his game and is looking forward to next season.

6. I did not watch the so called debate as people do not know how to debate any longer. I blame much of it on CNN and Fox News.  Talking over each other and screaming seems to be the order of the day in all discussions.  Like many people in America, I wish I had a third choice but I will vote for the lesser of two evils and leave it at that.   I will pray for this country that means so much to me.

7. Several errands to do today. One of my diffusers quit working so I will head to Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon to get a new one.  Then to the cross stitch store for my supplies and on to Ross to see if I can find some more of those little art boxes to finish up two projects.   Along with that I am having a sweet friend over for coffee this morning.  It is going to be a good day here in NoAla and I hope it is a good day in your part of the world too!


Sandy said...

Your day sounds fun!
BTW, I was thinking about your essential oil massage ---sounds interesting! Does that mean you don't get a flu shot? I am thinking of not this year...eeek. I got one year before and still go the flu. There are so many strands out there these days. I did better last year, but I think that was because I was healthier and off those immune suppressing meds.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Tell you hubby is not old enough to stand by that sign! But it's funny! Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

When my brother and John took a vacation cross country several years ago, John came back with a ball cap with the "old guys rule" saying! He gets a lot of laughs from it.
You are a busy cross stitcher currently!
Have a lovely day.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy, I am not getting a flu shot. I have not done well with them in the past and I am hoping the raindrop massage will be my Flu Prevention. She used several oils along my spine and feet and then hot towels to let them absorb for a while. I smelled really good when I left. No shower for 12 hours afterward and advised to drink lots of water. We will see. My therapist recommends another one before allergy season in the spring.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Diane, Marvin will LOVE your comment. And Carol it says your comment was published but for some reason it is not showing up. But you are right, that bag is perfect for my library runs. My blogspot seems to be acting up today...not sure what is going on.

Terri D said...

Don't those 'old guys' always think they rule?! LOL Your stitching is beautiful! We seek out ice cream when we travel, too! Yum! Nice that the power lines are in for your little cabin! That's a big step, really! Wishing you a good evening!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Arlene, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. You certainly are a busy lady!! Love your stitching projects. Also love hearing about your family. Have a great day!!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and are safely back home!
No flu shot? I didn't have one last year due to ??? neglect? Busy? I can't even remember but your massage sounds intriguing!