Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Beautiful View

We are having a good week. It was raining when we arrived on Saturday but since then the weather has been very nice.  We have spent most of every day on the beach, reading, watching the dolphins and taking the occasional walk.  The dolphins were putting on a show yesterday as there were about six of them playing together. And of course, everyone on the beach was pointing and laughing with delight. It is nice that such a simple thing can bring joy to all sorts of people.

I have been working on a new Prairie Schooler, Let it Snow.  And I have enjoyed watching a bit of floss tube as well as checking out some cross stitch Facebook pages. I love seeing all the different pieces that are being done. The most interesting one is a cross stitched picture of Jim Morrison.

Hope all of you are having a good week. And while the beach is wonderful, I concur with Dorothy that there is no place like home.


Sandy said...

Dolphins are amazing. It is always fun to take visitors out on the boat. We are always mesmerized by their presence. Have fun. See you soon.

Mrs.T said...

What a tranquil view, Arlene! We love the ocean, but we love our northern lakes too and will be headed to one later this month.

Have a wonderful time!

Terri D said...

That sure does look like a great beach! It's always amazing to watch the dolphins put on a show. It's like they understand what is going on and have even practiced. Just more of God's amazing creations. I'm glad you are relaxing and enjoying the cross stitch sites. There is no place like home, though! Thanks for checking in with us from vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, the water is such a beautiful blue/green. And the sand just sparkles. Enjoy!