Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall at the Little House

Sister, Kristi, texted me to tell me that the leaves were just beautiful behind our little house. She graciously took her camera and captured the scene for me.

On the hill behind the house.  Love all those red leaves.

I loved this shot of the pond and a peek of the house.

Another pretty shot of the pond and the reflection of the trees.

Our contractor called us to say all the inspections are done so the siding will go up on Tuesday and the drywall will be installed too.  Looks like it just might be done by Thanksgiving.

Marvin and I are off antiquing again this weekend. We are trying to find the things we need for the house at a bargain price.  The sofa and mattresses will be purchased in Chatsworth to make it easier on delivery but the smaller things we can handle with our van.

It is a chilly fall morning here in NoAla and we are looking forward to seeing Alabama play Texas A and M. Gameday is being broadcast from Bama, which is always fun!


Anonymous said...

Good Chilly Morning Arlene! The fall leaves are gorgeous around your home and pond. How exciting to have the siding going up soon. Have fun shopping and enjoy the game.

Terri D said...

So will you have Thanksgiving dinner in your new house? How exciting! It really is going faster than I imagined. You have an excellent general contractor!!

Mrs.T said...

How beautiful, Arlene! Your fall colors at the little house are almost as pretty as here in New England. We have had 2 days of rain and today is extremely windy, so our leaves are falling fast. No complaints about the rain, though -- we needed it so badly!

And how exciting that things are moving on so quickly with the construction! I'm sure you know that things don't usually go this smoothly. God is really blessing here.

Sandy said...

With those pretty fall leaves all around, I think it is pretty safe to say y'all are going to love that porch in autumn.

Mari said...

It's so exciting to see the progress, and I know that next year you will really enjoy that color. It's looking great!

Arlene Grimm said...

Thank you ladies...I have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I am dreaming. Thanks to a husband who was always frugal, we have the means to enjoy this little house and we hope it will be a blessing to others as well.